YouTube uses VP9 in Chome, H264 in Firefox & Internet Explorer



On my workplace PC, I tried playing a video clip I uploaded of some goldfinches and noticed that Firefox could not play it properly in 1080p. The video was uploaded direct from my camera, so YouTube ended up using 50FPS which my camera records at and turned out to be too much for the 8-year old PC:

I then tried it in Chrome just to see how it fares. Not only did it play fine in 1080p, I brought up the stats and noticed that it’s using the VP9 codec. From a quick search, it turns out YouTube announced a few months ago they’re using VP9.

When I tried in Internet Explorer 11, I was surprised to see it also had no problem playing the video despite using the H264 codec:

So it looks like Firefox either does not do hardware acceleration in HTML5 video or is not efficient at it. This doesn’t really surprise me with how much memory it keeps hogging lately after an hour or two of use. All three browsers played the video in HTML5, i.e. no Flash player.


From what I read on the other linked site VP9 isn’t a standard and only found in Chrome. So unless it is a standard video coding format it won’t take root.


I’m disappointed in Opera beta or Next (the same thing).
For months older versions played HTML5 when it had to be manually enabled at YouTube .(I clear all cookies regularly . So YouTube didn’t keep my settings.)
When YouTube switched to HTML5 as the default Opera beta stopped being able to load any YouTube video . Their fix is to disable h.264 & WebM vp8 .
Any YouTube video played uses Adobe Flash player .
Opera is supposed to be working on this but it’s been at least two weeks.
I like Opera & plan to keep using it for the time being but if they don’t get a fixed new version out I will be considering another browser.
I don’t really understand the problem for Opera since it’s Chrome based.

I quit using IE after the security problem they had some months ago.
If it were possible I would remove IE entirely . I just prefer not to use IE but keep it updated . I understand Windows Update needs IE to work.

I do keep a portable FF & it plays HTML5 .
It has one red box at YouTube the MSE&WebM VP9 one.
Looks like it uses h.264 . Probably my monitor doesn’t handle 1080p .
These are the stats:
Video ID: Fd8pKGaaoCU [x]
Dimensions: 1248 x 702 * 1.1538461446762085
Resolution: 1920 x 1080(3)50
Volume: 100%
Stream Host: r8—sn-jc47eu7l
Stream Type: https
CPN: vcwX6YPSVhJhpbWu
Mime Type: video/mp4; codecs="avc1.64002a"
DASH: yes (299/140)
Connection Speed: ——~–14598 Kbps
Dropped Frames: 5362/9133