'Youtube unable to comply with new European copyright law'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/youtube-unable-to-comply-with-new-european-copyright-law-85329/

Google, owner of video streaming website YouTube, has stated it is unable to comply with the planned reform of the European copyright law, including the controversial “upload filter”. Dutch technology website Bright.nl reports that sources inside Google have stated that it’s an impossible job and that the company will take drastic actions to make clear the company can’t comply with the new law.

But they can track us all the time with google and google maps but they can’t comply with this? This is a whole lot of BS smacking the fans.

I smell another EU law suite coming on here. The EU just hates successful US companies.

I think Google brought this upon themselves…

Just looking at the title makes me think “that’s the whole point.” If Google has to shut down YouTube, that’s not a copyright bug. Rather, it’s more like an intentional (anti-)feature.

Today’s copyright laws are bad enough. We don’t need stupid crap like this. Make no mistake: this law is not about protecting artists or some such crap. This is an all-out attack on fair use rights. The corporations that pull the EU’s strings don’t want us to reuse other works to criticize, parody, remix, comment upon, or otherwise use in ways “they” did not approve.

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