YouTube to get in-stream ads, like Hulu

I just posted the article YouTube to get in-stream ads, like Hulu.

Advertisements will soon make their way into YouTube videos, two non-Google sources familiar with the site’s plans said.

ClickZ reports that YouTube will get a major facelift on April 16. Tabs for…

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What’s next, will I have to watch a freakin commercial before signing into my e-mail account?

besides the wait time, I really dont care, and the companys really wont get anything from me. I am pretty much desencitized to commercial and popus I dont even read them, no matter how much free porn I may have won, so their efforts are useless to me.

@ A_Trac, thats not too far off from the truth already. used to allow pop access from outlook, now you need to pay for that privelage. If not, then you must login to the website where you get to read all ther ads while your waiting for the laggy website to load.

While I don’t like the fact that ads are showing up in online sites like Hulu, if it’s free, then I can’t complain, as long as I am getting all the top shows and movies that are in the likes of whats on Hulu.

The only issue I have with Hulu, which seems to be solved in Youtube, is watching the same ad all the time. (Granted, I am also desensitized and don’t pay attention to ads like Zzyzxroad, but when you keep seeing the same ad over and over, it gets really annoying.)

Of course, that may be the point, because eventually you notice the ad because its annoying, but then, the end result will most likely be you NOT buying their product, which I suspect is not what they were intending when showing the ad…lol.

I don’t have a problem with sites showing adds to keep these things free, what bothers me is when they put adds on things that are already free. Granted it’s not a very common practice, but still…

Just my rant for the day.