Youtube switches to HTML5 based video player – ditches Adobe Flash



We’ve just posted the following news: Youtube switches to HTML5 based video player – ditches Adobe Flash[newsimage][/newsimage]

Youtube has nearly switched to HTML5 video as replacement of the outdated Adobe Flash Player, the company writes in a blog on their website.

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Well that’s the nail in the coffin for flash.
Good riddance.

Hole-iest software in the world.


Good riddance.

I agree… flash player want be missed.


Should be good for security.

Flash Player is a single point of weakness, vulnerabilities tend to affect all browsers. If most browsers use their own HTML5 code, there may be a higher probability of a vulnerability being found, but the affect will be greatly reduced -Â only a single family of browsers is likely to be affected.


You can check here to see if you browser supports HTML5 .

I use Opera beta 27 . It will do all but one . The MSE & H.264 has a red box with an exclamation mark.
So far I haven’t had a video that wouldn’t play .Of course a lot still play on Adobe Flash. Since that has been changed I will see.

You can also set HTML5 player as the default here or set Adobe Flash.
At least for now. If you clean your cookies like I do you have to do this again.
Now that HTML5 will be the default I won’t need to very often if at all.