Youtube software needed?



Hi, i want some software (Freeeware) that will allow me to save online video’s (such as those on youtube) to my hardrive
can anyone reccoment any good, free and easy to use software that does this job?


Moyea FLV downloader is free to use.

Be aware that some antivirus/antimalware programs think this has a trojan. This is a false positive. Many video sites hide their url information, and this downloader uses information in your browser in order download the video.

Moyea has answered this question in their forums:


There is also a website where you can enter the URL of the video and then it converts it online for you…just cannot remember it…should be in our forums a few times…

Found it:


If you´re using Firefox, there´s a simple add-on called “VideoGet” which resides as a symbol on the bottom of the page…double-click it anytime you see a video you want and it´ll download it for you without any further hassle.


[quote=Kerry56;2183987]Moyea FLV downloader is free to use.

Be aware that some antivirus/antimalware programs think this has a trojan. [/quote]I wouldn’t trust spamvertised software either :bigsmile:


I’ve run the Moyea program without issues. I’ve scanned it with my AV program and online scanners from Kaspersky and Nod32…again with no problems. My anti-spyware programs ignore it.

Moyea seems to use it as an entry to their conversion programs which I have no use for and would not recommend.

Dean’s Firefox add-on sounds interesting though. Haven’t heard of it, and will definitely look into it.


Many people don’t know this, but the free version of RealPlayer has an ability to download most video and audio streams on the net.

Pretty damn good guys… can download from AOL music as well


I use VideoGet & I don’t have FireFox.
I also use the YouTubeDownloader available on the YouTube site.


Thanks some good links here


[quote=spammer rianvisser;2184321]You can make use of http://spamvertized.crap
This is an online tool what I am spamming for.
Oh yes, I have deliberately ignored the hint from post #5 of this thread.[/quote]… und Tschüss. :cop:


Firefox adons are pretty good


Hello Everyone,

Great thread. This is something I’ve been curious about for a while. For me, I usually tried to cut-n-paste from my Temp Internet Files folder to “capture” YouTube videos. It works if you copy and paste to a new folder and add the FLV extension manually.

About the other options, I tried to use Real Player, but all it did was play the YouTube video that I put the URL in for.

How do you get it to capture / save the video ? Can you post the menu options I’d need to use or some other instructions ?



This site works well

Just add it to your links bar and then download all the youtube vids you like :cool: