Youtube problems

My youtube videos freezes for 1 second then plays on for another 10 and freezes again despite being fully preloaded and no matter what video it is. I have the latest version of Flash.

What should I do?

There is something running in the backgroung that can slow playback? For example an antivirus scanning.

I don’t know how it works Firefox, but IE reserve a certain amount of disc space to store cached items. If also Firefox use this system, check if cache is already full or almost full, so it haven’t enough space available to store the entire video (I have no idea if this can be the issue, but right now it’s the only thing I can imagine :o ).

You should probably do something more useful with your time. :cop:
Perhaps write a guide to mordoring photos, or how to add random comments to the world´s greatest quest when you are in fact not here at all (no-one would notice the difference anyway). :doh:
Or run your Ad-Aware…see if there is some dialer nasty in there somewhere. :cool:

I’ll try emptying the cache and see if the problem persists

There are many (free) downloaders for web video content. Google for them.

I often, but not always, have the same problem but assumed it was cos my download rate is commonly only around 40 kbps, often a lot less.

I download them now if I really want to see them uninterrupted.

What browser are you using and have you recently installed any plug-ins/add-ons?

Clear your browsers cache & run somthing like ATF Cleaner or CCleaner and retry, it could have also been a server thing with YouTube which was causing the buffer rate.