YouTube lawsuits are killing online anonymity of trollers

YouTube lawsuits are killing online anonymity of trollers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]YouTube is a social website where the sport of trolling has thrived due to limited comment moderation. Now, however, people who have been on the receiving end of nasty YouTube comments are striking back by filing lawsuits to have the identity of their harassers made public.

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What ever happened to freedom of speech ? I guess it only applies when no-one is offended. What a load of BS.

I think not, public figures are able to be rediculed. This has already been in the Supreme Courts and the 1st admendment protects said individuals. When the 1st admendment goes out the window, so will all other privacy issues. Welcome to the New World Order.

Such a ruling would likely also mean that more websites will begin disabling comments completely to avoid possible court complications in such cases.

This is the solution for some websites. Have you seen some of the comments on Yahoo?

its freedom of speech if you don’t like it theres such a thing as a ‘flag’ link for videos or mark as ‘spam’ on comments. the community is what makes YouTube great and bad. its more likely theres more friendly people on YouTube then mean ones and some who sound mean may just not know how to put it properly or have English as there second language.

‘the internet provides great power to anyone who uses it, but with great power comes great responsibility’