YouTube launches site designed for consoles

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Video sharing web site has launched a new web site designed for TVs, which can be accessed through the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii game consoles.
"Currently in beta, the TV…

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I’ve never been able to understand the necessity for set-top boxes of any sort, let alone You Tube. If someone is computer literate enough (with enough spare time to watch 30 second clips of people desperately trying to become famous with low-budget antics) to search through youtube, then I would assume these same digital commandos would own one or several devices that can access the internet on the go. If someone is at home and owns a laptop, mobile phone, and/or had wireless internet, they can browse their most beloved time wasting snippets at their disposal. The living room in my opinion is used mainly for movies in high definition and surround sound… not fuzzy low-resolution MPEG videos of 15 year olds riding their bicycle into cars, especially on the less than stellar Opera browser that only mimicks the effect of firefox or explorer.

Just my opinion though… I am curious why Micro was left out of this ‘great idea,’ maybe it has something to do with the fact Microsoft and their 360 product realize that when you have HD Gaming at your fingertips, surfing through a few flash files and watching the “loading” icon isn’t thrilling as it might sound.

Has anyone here experimented with Linux installtion on PS3 and subsequent Firefox instal etc? I don’t own a PS3 and I’m curious on the true “apples to apples” effect you can really draw (with enough time and know-how) between a PC and a PS3, as far as internet capability and function, and processing?

I’ve always been an advocate of the HTPC though… someday I’d like to create a command central in my living room based around a PC, where I can control 7.1 surround, HD video, internet control, checking my e-mail, and playing Grand Turismo simultaneously.