YouTube interested in online movie rentals

I just posted the article YouTube interested in online movie rentals.

YouTube is negotiating with several Hollywood movie studios to stream newly released movies online.

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I will continue to rent netflix :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see youtube being able to handle extreme bandwidth in the near future. Netflix provides me with excellent services. They hardly ever…screw up LOL! I’ll stick with what works. Besides, netflix is a monthly membership. Youtube better offer something VERY comparable.

Agreed, I’ll just stick to some other sources, prefer a bit more diversity.And after all,I’d rather have whatever I wanna watch saved on my pc, to avoid all kinds of errors.

I’ve not used Netflix, although I shall go have a look now… My subscription to LoveFilm has a large amount of movies to download and watch as well as constantly having them send DVD’s out through the post to my house from a movie preference list that members customize to their own tastes. I wonder how this compares to Youtube and Netflix services?