YouTube gets TV-friendly, sort of

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Perhaps to one-up Hulu’s lack of TV support in its latest Desktop app, YouTube revealed a version of the site optimized for television viewing

Unfortunately, it’s hampered by the same content…

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I like the idea of TV over the internet. I think it gives consumers more choices by the advent of more competition, However, there is a move in the US by cable and satellite providers to stop this kind of access. Their reasoning, why should these networks offer programming on the net for free when they have to pay to carry their content. So in response, they are trying to implement data caps to stiffle this growth of online video streaming services. With these caps in place, it would hurt not only online video services but also gaming and other software that depended on updates through the net, ie Windows or your security software. I would suggest US citizens be aware of what is happening in their respective states. In most situations, cable or satellite companies have a monopoly in some cities. They can charge whatever they want and put off doing upgrades to their system for longer periods of time.

This is how really pathetic our system is.Talking about really falling behind.

Now this is a few years old but we haven’t really marched up the ladder much since then. I still think the US is ranked 7th if I remember correctly.

It is enough to make you sick.

I, too, have found some rare Internet TV shows worth more than just a cursorey glance. Even with fearnet and their hodgepodge of movies, I can still get a fair viewing. I’m sure COX will impliment the caps (or stiffer ones) in the future.

< Rant Warning>

Perhaps the real thing that “big cable” is missing is the fact that people are tired of paying 100 or so bucks a month for sh*t variety of content and mediocre service. I haven’t had a cable bill in a long time due to this. I got tired of yada yada coming on up to 4 channels or more during the day or having to sit through too many stupid ads ( pre DVR days ). I dropped it and just use the locals for the news and DVD’s for a flick if I feel the need. If they would give people real value for the cash they shell out for their service then we might not be so hungry for Hulu or boxee on a HTPC. Instead they, as most corporate snivelers do, feel its better to longingly gaze over their year-end bonus or let shareholders railroad a decent idea into the ground for an extra couple of bucks. Two things they need to focus on: QOS and realistic price points. Better yet maybe the old idea of a la carte cable where you only pay for what you use might need to be revisited. I liked the idea of that but I guess they shot it down because they cant make as much on it as the current setup.

OK I’m done. Sorry for that.