YouTube downloads

Hi and Hello! Some time passed since my last thread so Hello to everyone. My problem this time is with YouTube downloads. I simply cannot play back whatever I download from this site. I usually use RealPlayer Downloader which used to work in the past. The video info is that it is in .mp4 format but it does not play back. One other thing: the download takes an extremely short time but the info says that all the megs are there but to no avail. I also tried YTD video downloader but this app doesn’t even download it. Says download failed. I also tried to convert the downloads to avi and also to dvd formats but surprisingly, there is no audio. Why is this? Please help

I suggest trying the Download Helper add-on for Firefox.

When installed it shows up as a little colour animated icon when on a page with video that can be downloaded. Just click the down arrow to the right of it and select the resolution to download as. The ‘Medium’ option is usually 480p:

Unlike other downloaders, the MP4 file will generally play fine in any media player, such as VLC, Windows Media Player, MP4-capable TV, etc.

Sean I tried it and it worked. Thanks a million as I had been visiting a lot of sites to try solve the problem. Once again thanks