YouTube continuously loads with Opera Beta v 30



At YouTube videos continuously load but never play.
The same with the embedded videos here at club.myce .
This is only with Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit.
On the same computer I have Windows Vista 32-bit & the same version of Opera.
All anti-virus programs the same . Vista will play the videos.
I also have a laptop with Windows 7 HP SP1 64-bit with the same Opera it also plays the videos.
On the Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit:
If I use an extension “User-Agent”. Then select “Opera for Windows” this makes the browser appear as Opera v.11.
The video will play with Adobe flash player but not HTML5.
Up till 4 days ago I wasn’t having this problem. I think that is when YouTube went to full HTML5.
I can also play videos with Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit on Vimeo & some other sites in HTML5 .
I think there is a block at the YouTube web site .
The block must be specific to Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit.
If anyone else here has this setup.
Are you having the same problem ?

The other OS’s listed also have the same AV softwares .
I’ve tried with those disabled but this didn’t help.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


You might want to try it on FireFox or IE11 could be that because of the switch to html5 on Youtube that Opera can’t handle it? Now if that same problem appears on FF and IE then there is a problem but you need to test with other Browser to validate where the problem is coming from. I play Youtub on FF38 and it has no problem with it. I do have Flash plugins up to date along with Silverlight and Java up to date as well along with Shockwave and Adobe Air. And all this on both Desktop and Laptop that has Windows 7x64 Ult Sp1 with all the latest updates.


Hi coolcolors ,
I did test with both IE11 which I seldom use since the security problems it had some months ago . It can play YouTube HTML5. I have to go to the “OptIn” YouTube page or it uses Adobe Flash Player v 17 . It also shows 4 of the boxes that are in the image below in red . Which means those are not detected & maybe not working.
I also tested with FF portable V 38.0.5 & it also works. Has one red box.

To make it clear I’m using the exact same version of Opera on all of these:
Opera beta 30.0 version 30.0.1835.49 (this is the latest beta).
On my desktop .
Vista loads & plays YouTube HTML5 with this version of Opera.
Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit has the problem with this version of Opera.
On my laptop.
Windows 7 HP SP1 64-bit loads & plays YouTube HTML5 with this version of Opera.

So it appears this version of Opera can load & play YouTube HTML5 just not from Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit . It could 5 days ago . So YouTube changed something. I think they went HTML5 all the way. For most browsers anyway.

Also when the HTML5 capability is checked at YouTube with Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit it shows this:

This should mean it will work but it doesn’t.


I seem to recall embedded videos worked fine on my side for myce and as to youtube the last I checked I had no problems with my account watching video or if i logged off and watch videos they loaded and ran fine.

So what video on youtub are you referring to that nevers loads? That might help others see if it does the same on their computer?


It is all videos on YouTube . Not just a specific one.
The really odd thing is sometimes an ad that comes on before the actual video will play fine .As soon as the ad is finished I get the black loading screen of the actual video I want to watch.The ad will be in HTML5.

Same for embedded videos here at club.myce.
I get this YouTube player permanently. (as long as I leave it anyway).
The circle in the middle is animated at YouTube but of course I couldn’t capture the animation.

The work-around works but I don’t know for how long .
The “User-Agent” extension (add-on) spoofs other browsers.
The Opera it spoofs is Opera v 11 which is old.
So far this works OK but uses Adobe Flash v 17 instead of HTML5.


I’ll have to try to open it at home and see if anything else happens otherwise it could be bad encoding by whomever uploaded it???


@ coolcolors , It isn’t a specific video. It is all videos I try at YouTube if my browser is Opera beta 30.0 .

I did email both Opera & YouTube .
So far no reply or change in results.

What I need is for someone with Windows 7 32-bit that is willing to install Opera beta 30.0 . Then try YouTube with it.
I understand most people don’t have Windows 7 32-bit but instead have 64-bit.
I have a piece of hardware that only has 32-bit drivers available.
That’s my reason for using it.

A little off topic but an explanation.
When I eventually upgrade I will keep my current computer in operation also just so I can use this hardware. What it does is allow Skype to use a regular POTS cordless telephone . It works very well & I can barely tell it’s not a landline . Most people I talk to on the telephone never ask if I’m using Skype . When my connection was slower there was at times some echo but not anymore .
I haven’t found a similar hardware that is supposed to work with 64-bit .
I have an extra one still in the package as it’s no longer available.
The one I’m using now has been going for 8 years & shows no sign of failing.


One thing is I never use beta for everyday use as well. Most likely the system has hit the hardware/software limits then being old as it is and can’t handle the current technology limits. This would also tell me the site has encoding or site problems with the file or link.


An update .
The problem seems to be Opera beta 32-bit .
They released a patch which is a work around.
What the patch does is reverts YouTube videos back to Adobe Flash player.
At YouTube when I check the HTML5 optin web page HTML5 appears to being used .
It actually isn’t .
Whats odd is for months I manually enabled HTML5 with the YouTube HTML5 optin web page . Older versions of Opera Beta worked fine with this & played HTML5 .
So Opera did something that messed this feature up.