YouTube CEO warns for potential unintended consequences of new European copyright law

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Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki warns for major negative effects of the new European copyright law which includes the controversial “upload filter”. In an open letter, Wojcicki warns for potential unintended consequences of Article 13 of the revised European copyright law which is often referred to as the “upload filter”.

Easy Google and Facebook. Just block the Europeans from using your platform. The locals will complain pretty quickly.

In other worlds adware gets killed off and their revenue streams dries up. I am going to cry… “not”

Oh but you can send ads into our computer Browsers but you can’t check that a whole lot of Goats.

Really…not what I see happen so far artists gets the shaft already. More lies…

Yeah, right. The consequences are “unintended”. If you believe that, I’ll sell you some prime real estate in some state you’ve conveniently never been to.

“We welcome the chance to work with policymakers and the industry to develop a solution within article 13 that protects rights holders while also allowing the creative economy to thrive.[…]

Here’s a solution: simply reject stupid copyright laws like this one outright. Don’t try to “fix” it, because it’s a terrible law on a fundamental level. This is no way to “fix” a fundamentally terrible law, except to abolish it.

PS: IMHO, copyright holders have too much power already. Rather than give them EVEN MORE power, we should do the opposite: namely put reasonable limits on copyright, so as to once again turn it into a system that simply promotes progress by encouraging people to publish various works. That’s ALL copyright should do.

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