YouTube and Hulu lead the way as most-watched online video providers



YouTube and Hulu lead the way as most-watched online video providers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]New data from digital research firm comScore confirmed what most already knew: people love watching videos on YouTube.

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Don’t spend any time online watching video.
First, no isp in Canada can deliver in real time (damned annoying to have
a program pause while the buffer is refilling).
Second, if you look at the fine print on your service contract, most likely you’ll find a data cap. Mine happens to be 125 gig and a buck a gig over that. After 4 or 5 movies in HD you’ve gone over that cap and the 8 bucks a month for Netflix can ballon into 80 or more.


I would love to get HULU, but they aren’t available outside the US and maybe Canada. IF you live in the US you can watch for free, but if you live outside the US you have to break the law to watch it. Thanks guys, love it when the Lawyers are in charge!

YouTube is mostly a huge waste of time. The indexing and searching are horrible, and I don’t watching “cute” stupid short video clips. On the other hand, most are better than the crap comming out of Hollywood these days, and I don’t have to pay $25 to waste 2 hours of my time.