YouTube aims to take on iTunes & MTV with all music videos

I just posted the article YouTube aims to take on iTunes & MTV with all music videos.

 Pretty much  everyone who has cable or satellite TV has a choice of several music video  channels, such as MTV and VH-1.  As many music video fans have already  experienced, there...
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I would love to see this happen too. There are some older videos that are truly artistic impressions of the song and those are the type i would love to see. Most of the new stuff is all about titilation and that gets boring after awhile. I would hope that it sucessful because it would show MTV(?) that people are getting sick of those reality(?) shows.

That would be great! I am a bit fan of YouTube and log on to the site to watch clips regularly. I’m mainly looking at the UK football clips which have taken over where fanzines left off for grass-roots football humor. Adding music videos would broaden the site and probably bring in a lot of extra viewers.

The idea sounds overly optimistic. Furthermore, free content supported by advertising? It hasn’t really worked as a business model on the web as users are loathe to accept it. I can see it doable as a service were the user pays for it though, especially as there are a lot of videos I’d like to see on demand from a service that hosted every music video ever created- Hmmm, sounds too optimistic to actually ever exist.