has anyone heard of its not a download site but a cheap buy the original cd site and i was just wantin to make sure it is legit
go check it out and see what u think at

Going by the footer of the maintenance page that appears, it shows “Copyright ©2006 BMG Direct, Inc” and the domain registration is by BMGDirect, which is a fairly clear sign that they own and run the website. At the moment the website is down for maintenance, which means I am unable to give any further information, but if I go by the domain name registration details, I would be fairly confident that it is a legit site. :wink:

We’ve been using it for a few months. It’s great. It’s legit. Well packaged. Promptly shipped.


One caution, it’s a “club scheme” so you are charged for the month even if you have no CD queued for ordering… couldn’t see any minimum term though (the usual catch with club schemes) but then it doesn’t start with a super-duper offer either.

(looking at google cache, as the site is down for maitainence).

the cds are yours to keep arnt they?

Yes, it looks like the CDs are yours to keep. This is just a music club, where you create a queue and they mail you a CD every month from your queue. This isn’t the Netflix rental model. You’re actually buying these CDs.

The pro is that you’re getting a discounted price for the music. The plan is alright as long as you’re willing to subscribe. As Sean mentioned, you’ll probably be charged EVERY month, even if your queue is empty. They’ll send you nothing but still charge.

ok thanx