You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You



Hi. Yes, I’m talking to you. Can I ask you a question? Are you sure? Well, I don’t know how to put this, but, are you a retard? Yes, a retard. I know the term is politically incorrect, but it’s the only thing that seems to fit you. What’s that? Why am I being mean and calling you that? Well, let me explain.

You see, I also happen to frequent some of those popular deal sites like FatWallet and SlickDeals, and I have often noticed you posting in the threads there. What I’ve also noticed is that whenever a deal is posted that involves blank media, you’re one of the people who likes to claim and give the appearance that they are a member of the CDFreaks web site. You’ll often say that “the folks on CDfreaks say such and such” or “the people on CDFreaks give blankety blank their approval/endorsement/whatever” or “the CDFreaks think that that thingamajig sucks”.

Now, of course, none of this would be that much of a problem, except for the fact that everything you write is so inaccurate, wrong, moronic, and stupid, it’s obvious you don’t know one $%#$!@%#^#!^!#$ thing about this site or the people who frequent it. You’re either a complete fraud pretending to be knowledgeable, or one of the aforementioned retards who is unable to comprehend the complexity of information exchange and inquiry that occurs on this site.

For example, take the recent deal on Verbatim media at OfficeMax. Anyone who really reads the threads on this site, and PAYS ATTENTION to the back and forth and discussion, would know without a doubt that the SINGLE-LAYER Verbatim media made by Moser Baer in India has been shown, by PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY USED IT, to not only not be as bad as the rumors about it, but that it has improved over time, and is more than acceptable media and worthy of carrying the Verbatim name. In addition, despite the fact that there were initial quality issues with the Verbatim DUAL-LAYER media that was made by the same said Moser Baer, anyone who ACTUAL READS THIS #^#%^#^^@#$% site would know that you CAN NOT EXTRAPOLATE the quality of single-layer media to reach conclusions about dual-layer media, and vice versa. But, despite that, RETARDS such as YOURSELF continue to run around and bash made in India Verbatim media, without any nuance or context, and have the $^$#%$#^#$ audacity to act like the majority of knowledgeable people on this site agree with you.

THAT is why YOU are a RETARD.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, shut the $%$#%#% up.

If you decide not to shut the $%$#%$#% up, then don’t embarass me and my colleagues by trying to act like you have anything to do with us.

Thank you.


This sounds like something that should be sorted out via PM.
Please sort it out via PM.