You're kidding yourself!

What the hell is this place on?
I download a video game ask for some help to get it working (solved the problem anyway) and I get all this //EDIT about, “Oh thats illegal”, “To solve the problem by the real game”.
Don’t give me that //EDIT
From just this page I see three ad’s for “How to Copy Any DVD Movie” not to mention the thousands of threads about copying DVD’s.
I’m sorry but last time I checked, that was illegal too!
What an absolute load of //EDIT

Making a backup of your bought DVD is not illegal especially where these servres are located in the Netherlands.

However downloading games, DVD’s that are copyrighted, is. So your thread was closed, by me.

Further discussion is fine as I have the rules and law on my side however further use of profanity is not.


Don’t make me come after you with a wooden spon & scramble ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, you read the rules when you joined.

There is a fine line between legal & illegal.

CDFreaks remains on the edge. While there are potentially people utilising information for illegal reasons, it’s their responsibility to behave responsibly, and ultimately, it will be their fall, especially if they are dumb enough to ask for illegal stuff on a public site where IP addresses are logged & the request can be traced back to the ISP, and hence to the user.

The rules exist to:
A) Protect the CDFreaks site from crusading content providers.
B) Protect the CDFreaks users from crusading content providers.
C) Prevent the CDFreaks community from degrading to the likes of AOL/MSN chatrooms.

This site exists solely for responsible people to make backups of discs they own, for security purposes, to ensure they don’t lose something valuable when their kids/animals/girlfriends happen to make their latest movies/expensive software the latest chew toy or target to vent their rage.

Riiiight…so they can make “bake-up CD’s”…cough


If that’s not what you are here for, and you don’t agree with the posting rules, feel free to leave & join the flame-retards at AOL/MSN chat.

I will however point out, that

  1. Guests cannot post on this forum.
  2. If you have a username and hence are not a guest, you have already confirmed that you agree & will abide with the fourm rules & regulations.
  3. Clicking on the “I agree” button is recognised as a legally binding contract in most, if not all, civilised countries in the world.

I simply don’t agree with the DMCA (one of the lamer things Bill Clinton ever did was sign that darn bill) in regards to backing up PURCHASED materials for PERSONAL use. Individuals and businesses should be able to backup their data software CD’s, training videos, DVD movies, audio disks, etc. Nobody should be able to duplicate and distribute any of this copyrighted stuff, but they sould be able to make backups.

Companies should not be able to buy one copy of something and make extra copies to pass out to employees, however. I’m simply saying that they should be able to backup the material, while still using only one copy at a time for each purchased product.

I want to be able to backup DVD’s and Audio CD’s that I purchase. I do not want to have to travel with the originals, be it in a car or a plane or whatever, cause I don’t want them damaged or stolen. Also, I may want to make custom modifications to content on those disks, be it CD or DVD.

If you have two kids and they want to watch Cinderella, folks should be able to rip the DVD to their PC and use DVD Shrink to Re-Author the thing to remove the Menus, Advertisements, FBI Warnings, Credits, etc. so they can make a simple DVD that will auto-start upon insertion and go directly to playing the movie - no muss no fuss.

If a kid freaks out every time Bambi’s mother dies, the parents should be able to create a DVD like the above clipping out that scene. Or edit out curse and sex scenes or whatever.

I’m talking about PERSONAL CONSUMPTION here for products you already paid for. I’m not talking about making copies for buddies or whatever.

So, I’m grateful that we can sit here and talk about how to do that for content you purchased. Fair Use laws were long in effect before that lame DMCA, and I just don’t see how they should be allowed to contradict established law like that.

HOWEVER - in regards to games - I have issues. I buy my games and I also use NO CD patches to make it more convenient for me. I don’t want to have to load up a CD in the drive every time I switch to another game. I want to be able to install those games on my system and then put the master CD or DVD away on the shelf so I don’t accidently lose it or damage it. I PAID for the game, I just want to minimize my risk.

I used to spend a lot of time with my Lite-On 2410b and CD Mate 2.2.x backing up as many of my games as I could, but it was very hard to keep up with all the protections. No CD’s are just so much more convenient.

I do wish that CD Freaks would allow us to discuss the use of those. It does seem like it would be consistent with the DVD backup philosophy.

BUT, I don’t think people should be allowed to advocate piracy of either DVD’s or games. Limit it to a discussion of the DVD’s and games that you own, and it would seem to be something worth doing.

There’s my 3.5 cents on the matter. :slight_smile:

Pffft, that’s more like a dime’s worth. :bigsmile:

Well, I think I had too much caffine… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if I’m a bit long winded, but hey, I’m a passionate computer likin’ dude.

On this site? NAH!!! Anyways time for my .02 cents. Having been part of a public forum that once made the mistake of allowing it’s members to have carte blanche to discuss what they wanted, I watched the whole forum get shut down simply becuase some people chose to discuss things such as downloaded content. The fact of the matter is that pretty much any public forum will have such rules in place not only to ensure that laws are observed but also to ensure the survival of the forum and it’s members. Trust me, it’s no fun when you have a set place that you go for helpful computer info and all of a sudden you return only to find that the place no longer exists and that it was shut down by some rather unpleasant folks.

Whilst I sympathise with your point of view, I’m afraid it’s a case of- “Sorry, no can do.”

The right to modify copyright material (i.e. in this case, modify the game executable) is the exclusive right of the copyright holder so unless the copyright holder has given permission (rare) a no-cd patch is illegal.

Further, given the most common use of no-cd patches, content providers legitimately can regard them simply as cracks.

I hear ya. Thanks for not freakin’ :slight_smile:

I can just refer folks to the forums at GameCopyWorld, right? That part is ok though?

Nope, that would mean you are advocating illegal patches on our forum…

So even referring them to the forums is prevented?

I suspect it depends on what you are referring them for.

If they are looking for the latest cheats for a game to get past a difficult part, np refer them to GCW … if they are asking how to defeat X/Y/Z copy protection with the latest patch, report the post :wink:

Understood. Thank you.

BK, you are great! My 11-year-old son and I have watched several “R” movies with the 30 seconds gratuitous nudity or other stuff best not seen/heard cut out. There are some great flicks that we can enjoy together in this manner. What about making your own “jam” CDs? It’s my own dadgum business if I want to put together a different mix of songs from my CD collection!