Your worst pressed CD-ROM/DVD-ROM scans!



This is the PX-716 Support DVD from Plextor. I only used it about three times and stored it in the sleeve that it came with.

If there’s a reason for high speed scanning, here it is. :stuck_out_tongue:
While the disc looked rather healthy @ 8x, my Litey and BenQ didn’t even want to finish scanning at 12x or 16x.
The shapes look like it has been warped or something like that, but there is definitely no paper label on the disc :wink:
It seems that the reflectivity is bad though, I can really see through the disc.

(Might scan it again @ 1x on my Litey later on.)

I was really surprised to see that the DVD-ROM from the “King of Quality” looked worse than most of my burns! Even CMC MAG M01 kicks the … out of it :bigsmile:

(I don’t know which forum is the right fit for this thread… it’s actually not blank media, but there was no better fit…)


The Blank Media forum will do fine. We’ll just pretend that blank should be interpreted as shiny! (That’s what it means in Danish.) :wink:


Interesting to see the disc bomb out at high speed. I’m definitely a supporter of high speed scanning and something like this is good to show people how errors can rise dramatically from a high speed scan :iagree:

One question though, how on earth did you get the BenQ to jitter scan a pressed disc? I can never do it on my liteon, it gives an error. Do only BenQ drives allow scanning of pressed discs?


I just put the disc into my BenQ and it reported jitter…
My LiteOn refused jitter scanning of pressed discs too :frowning:
So it seems that it’s an advantage of BenQ :bigsmile:

I’ll post an 1x scan tomorrow… err… today? :confused:
(This depends on your timezone.)


Argh. The laziness!! :doh:
Here it is!

(BenQ 1x scan was unspectacular as well. Very weird. But this shows that 16x scanning definitely has its right to exist, despite all the sample-dropping.)