Your "tooltips" are great!

. I forget the web-coding name for them. The little yellow info boxes that pop up when you mouseOver an object.
. You’ve done a great job of implementing whatever they’re called. :flower: :clap:

It’s just about adding a “title” attribute to your tags.

. Yeah, that’s it! Easy to do, especially for the 1-10 page hobby and local merchant I’ve-Gotta-Web-Page sites I’ve done - not quite so easy for a site this size.
. And they are actually helpful - not so on a lot of sites.
. I really like seeing the first part of the original post in the threads list, could you do the same thing for the last post btn? Using the last post, of course. :bigsmile:

The more summary you have in the list page, the longer it will take to load - each of those is further weight.

. I’ve got 512MB/s, what do I care if those on dialup will have to wait 2-3 hours to load a page? :doh:
. Could you make it a CP option? Probably not worth the time/effort for one user, but you’ll never say Yes if I don’t ask. :wink:

I care, only have a slooow dialup 56k analog modem :sad:
But watch what you say Da Taxman :cop:
mother also has one.Dont mess with anyones mother.:wink:

that little yellow info box
How do you get it to stay open longer to read (slow reader)
closes befor I have finneshed.:slight_smile:

. I think the time is under the control of the browser and I don’t remember seeing a setting to change it. I don’t remember there being any way to control it from the page code, but it’s been a while since I worked with HTML.
. It’s irritating, but I’ve gotten use to: mouseOver, read a bit, mouse out, mouseOver, read a bit, …

Thanks HagenB :slight_smile:

At Least I dont have to start a thread about it.
If it has to stay that way .Thought there was a quick Tweek. :slight_smile: