Your ripping speed with 1693S

i recently purchased a dvd burner (my first) and after many reviews i narrowed it down to the nec 3520a becuase of all the sites that said it was a great burner. but when i got it and put the new firmware which unlock riplock the rip speeds were crappy, like 3x on dual dvd and 5x on reg. my friend recently got a dw-26a which i turned into a 1673 or 1693 wgickever the number was. i used that program to get set the speed to 16x and he can rip at and around that. i am going to get a liteone drive for ripping and wanted to know what speeds you guys get. here is the one i plan on getting

My 1693S Rip speed is pretty good on DVD, comparing to Pioneer 117 DVD-ROM.

Using DVD Decrypter set speed @Max.
On DVD-R/RW SL disc, my Pioneer Rip speed ~2.5X-5X (inner to outer track).

But my 1693S can do around 3-8X (but it never reach 16X on DVD-R,RW).

On pressed disc, it performs even better (near 16X at outer rim).

But in ripping CD (pressed and -r), 1693S performs very bad.
I tried many program like Clone CD, EAC, Alcohol but I always get the same results, the speed is very bad, it take very long time to rip 1 Audio-Cd disc comparing to my old LiteOn 24X CD-RW.

P.S. And all my test cd are not Copy Protection or anything, it’s just plain Audio Cd and Data Cd.

The liteon drive is good for ripping dvd’s etc, i have pioneer drive too, and the liteon drive wins hands down, the 1693 is a good choice

Omnipatcher can increase DVD ripping speed up to 16x on LiteOn drives although I keep my 1673s at 12x for DL DVD’s and nearly always reaches 11x at fastest point. Single layer pressed DVD nearly always reaches 16x. CD ripping speed seems to be limited to 1x on LiteOn. I can rip CD’s at 6x to 7x on LG drive.

I agree that 12X seems to be the best overall speed for DVD ripping. You should do more checking as to why you are having problems with CD rips. I get 37X-40X with CloneCD. I know of no speed limit that would max you out at 1X.

Actually, if you want sheer power at ripping speed, an unlocked BenQ 1620 will fly through even a scratched disc at 16x.

However, as a burner, the BenQ is quite variable.
Unless you are a verbatim fanatic (6 minute 12x burns) then the BenQ will cost you considerable money and wasted time checking every disc to see if it screwed up.

I gave away two BenQ’s because of this.

I have one 1653 that was so impressive I bought two 1693’s and one matching DVDrom drive. They do not rip especially fast on factory settings. I hear that you can successfully turn up a 1693, but I never have.
The system with the 1693 and the DVDrom drive can do a hands-free duplication and I have never stuck around to time it. I come back from doing what I’d rather do and both trays are stuck out. . .

With a successful disc every last time. Not one screwup. Not one coaster. All 4 drives? Perfect every time. Yeah.
Lite-On may be the station wagon of burners, but perfection is worth the 1 exta minute wait time.

CD rip at 1x? I hope not. My 1653 has been ripping CDs and I haven’t tested the newer models. It is extremely entertaining!! There’s a great big learjet like sound from early ramp-up. A blast of air comes out of every conceivable crevice on the front of the computer. By the time all of the small items and pens are done leaping off of the desk like suicidal lemmings, the CD rip is long since done. Maybe closer to an early-ramp-up 50x? Not 1x!

The 1693’s only CD rip test was installing windows. . .in 20% of the normal time. There’s not quite as much “cd attack” noise as the earlier model. 1x? No.

Out of the box, the 1693’s worked with great quality. Not so with the 1653, but after a dose of the latest omnipatcher with “DO NOT LEARN” feature enabled in addition to the recommended mods, it is now a quality factory fresh experience every time–even with Ritek.

So, if you are choosing only one drive, make it a Lite-On.
They are cool running, short size fits HTPC, and they do everything without wasting time (slower rate, far better/consistent quality).

For a dual drive system, you have some options.
I’d still say that the Lite-On will pay you back its entire price by never wasting discs.

There’s one in my Linux server to use as a backup drive–one disc while I’m off doing something else–no need to check it–you can be sure that it is a backup done well.

Maybe that’s why the forum is not full of users with problems? One dose of Omnipatcher and there’s no problems at all. This is all so very impressive.

After Omnipatcher, the set top player (very cranky!) thinks that the lite-on burned discs are most delicious and there has never been a single frame skipped with lite-on output.
This was never true of BenQ output.

I think that the quality level of Lite-On has pushed DVD writing into the consumerized level of plug it and forget it.
Oh, finally. Up until Lite-On plus Omnipatcher provided this experience, I thought it was only a dream. Today, the Lite-On 1653 gets decorated with a $10 chrome bezel by coolermaster. I couldn’t figure any other way to get it a present. Verbatim! Okay. I’ve been feeding it verbatim as a reward. But, I thought I would get it an additional present. :wink:

Now, except for throwing things right off the desk, I wish I could figure out the difference between 1653 and 1693. Maybe the 1693 tolerates overclocked rip speeds? That’s my guess. Anyone care to comment? I don’t care to overclock the rip because I just don’t want to bother washing the DVD first. :wink:

I agree that 12X seems to be the best overall speed for DVD ripping. You should do more checking as to why you are having problems with CD rips. I get 37X-40X with CloneCD. I know of no speed limit that would max you out at 1X.

Using EAC, I get very slow rip speed.
But after tried CloceCD, I can get ~20X speed (which is fast enough).

Maybe there is something wrong with EAC (but I still have to use it to Rip/Offset CD-A).

I don’t know why only 1693S performs so slow on EAC, since my Old LiteOn CDRW and Pioneer ripping fine (around 12-20x speed).

So 1693S is NOT locked at 1x speed or anything, it’s just my ripping program acting strange.

I’ll try EAC tomorrow on my 1693 and see what it does. I know it is very fast on the other drives.


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Thanks Mike. These days I add to the ignore list at any sign of trouble.

I check my Liteon 1693 as well as a few other drives and they all ripped a pressed CD around from 10X to 25X on each track. CD-R files were closer to 10X. My guess would be something wrong with your EAC, maybe your ASPI interface? You could try switching in the EAC options section and see if it helps.

Thanks chas0039, just realised that my brain wasn’t in gear when I wrote that about CD rip speed. Was still thinking about DVD’s. In fact I should have wrote that my LiteOn rips CD’s (in this case music) at a much slower rate than my LG. The liteon (1673s & 1653s) will rip at 1mb/sec compared to 5mb+/sec with the LG. My apologies for the confusion. The ripping was performed with CdEx 1.51 (ripping tracks). I presumed the LiteOn’s were limited to that speed but maybe only with that program? Haven’t tried other programs.
cheers :bigsmile:

^^What mode are you using EAC to rip in? Secure mode will show the speeds you’re getting, while burst mode ought to be much faster, at the (possible) expense of quality in the rip.