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A 33-year-old mother has been banned from using computers after her obsession with a computer game led her to neglect her three children and the family’s two pet dogs, the Daily Mail reports.

The woman, who, for legal reasons, was not identified, “played the Small World game almost non-stop on the internet for months while her children were reduced to eating cold baked beans straight from the tin with their fingers,” writes the Daily Mail. “Her home became filthy, with rubbish strewn over the floor and the bodies of her two dogs, a German shepherd and a lurcher, left for two months in the dining room it was revealed.”

The paper notes her husband had died from a heart attack several years before and, in 2009, she started playing the computer game for an hour a day. According to the Telegraph, beginning in August 2009, the game “had become an obsession to the point where she was only getting two hours sleep a night.”

The mother has three children, ages 9, 10 and 13, who were reportedly “badly neglected for six months.” In addition to being barred from using computers, she has received a suspended jail sentence.

I could see a man getting so tied up with porn sites to do this but a woman
doing this over a game I cannot see it.


That is beyond ridiculous to be that obsessed with a stupid game. :eek: :rolleyes:
Why didn’t the oldest kid notify someone about the situation that
they were being forced to live in. :confused:

When I was 13 years old I could cook a complete meal for myself
if I wanted too so what was keeping her 13 year old kid from taking
care of the 2 younger kids and cooking them a hot meal? :confused: