Your "Real" CloneDVD is INFERIOR to what you call the "Fake" CloneDVD

Seems like a pretty big downfall.

If the second disc goes in and out of blurriness, how is that better than 65% quality? Remove some features to up the quality. At least with a full bad movie, you get used to it and ignore it after about 10 minutes. If you are used to watching a perfectly clear first disc, it will drive you nutz to watch the second disc.

I have a 48 projection screen and have not had any concerns over quality, but I also copy the movie only. I don’t know if the progressive scan DVD player makes a difference.

Hmm. Let’s see here, you posted the title of this thread, and I’m antagonistic? I offered you help by telling you the information you needed was in the help file. I also corrected you by telling you that CloneDVD CAN burn to dual layer discs, which you said it could not in your original post. I’m sorry if you don’t like my tone, but, I did offer you assistance. What is it this week with people’s attitudes that are asking for help, anyway?

I have a gut feeling that forums aren’t the only place Rob Real has problems with others… With an attitude like that when needing help, God help us if he ever became the answer man.

Mind you, you can sometimes go to help people and end up “breaking the rules”. Sometimes you get your fingers burnt and this puts you off helping others.

What a waste of bandwidth.

bandwidth?..more like a waste of flesh. I’ve seen this handle on other boards…he’s a troll. Put him on ignore.

Hi I’me a new boy and I’ve just skimmed through all the questions and answers I know nothing, and I did’ent really learn anything I dont even know if my clone dvd 3.6 is a fake or not but it was cheap and it does’ent work, but I have had one that worked in the past and I liked it. I forked out fair amounts of money in the past on clone and ripping devices that contained no real help or support on how to use them a total waste of money so now I go for cheap.You guys sure can argue are you all from New York.

:cool: so go get the real CloneDVD now.

i’me thinking about it but I’me first going to see if I can get a trial version of DVD fab I’ve been told its a good un.

As is elby CloneDVD…

And if it is good support you want, I have never seen a company that will have updates out so quickly to beat new copy protection!