Your "Real" CloneDVD is INFERIOR to what you call the "Fake" CloneDVD

Good, I thought that would get your attention. At least now my questions won’t go ignored.

On Slysoft’s clonedvd -
I don’t see any option anywhere of being able to split a dvd-9 onto 2 dvd-5s. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

Everyone dogs on what the call the “Fake Clone DVD”, but I have been using this program to copy hundreds of movies, and it is very efficient. The only downfall to this program is that when you split a movie onto 2 discs, the 2nd disc is blurry (there was a dedicated thread to this on this forum).

So to avoid the 2nd disc being blurry for 1 out of every 5 seconds, I have now downloaded AnyDVD and CloneDVD from slysoft. But I can’t find anywhere how I am supposed to be able to split a disc. I dont want to copy movies at 65% quality, I just don’t wanna do it (honestly I’d rather have the 2nd disc blur in and out . . . if my options are have the entire movie be crap quality, or have only the 2nd half, I choose the 2nd half). So is there, or is there not, a way to split disc using slysoft’s CloneDVD? Someone, please help!!

And also . . . it seems that slysoft’s CloneDVD does not allow you to burn dual-layer discs at all. Suppose I have blank DVD-9s, do you mean to tell me I can’t use them with this program? So far, the “Real” CloneDVD seems inferior to the “Fake” Clone DVD that everyone likes to dog on so much.

I’m not even sure how it’s possible for you to get so many facts wrong in one post. I’m sure someone else will correct it and give you the advice you seek, but, try reading the help file that comes with “the real” CloneDVD. It can do all the things you claim it can’t. Splitting the disc isn’t entirely intuitive, but, it’s in the help file. CloneDVD burns dual layer discs just fine so long as your burner supports it.

There is a DVD size dropdown on the 2nd screen to select DL DVD’s. There also instructions on the forum to split a movie into 2 DVD’s. If you do a quick search you will find it. CloneDVD2 Rules!!

Hello Folks,

I wonder if Forum Member Rob Real is a so called real user of the Elaborate Bytes original CloneDVD software program or just a TROLL from the fake rip off copycat CloneDVD.Net product making a feeble attempt to start some type of controversy.

A novice casual user the Elaborate Bytes original CloneDVD software program would know how to figure out to use this program and would not have to resort to posting on a Forum to acquire answers to his simple questions.

Best Regards,

A troll? … perhaps. Maybe he just needs to go to charm school. Interesting first post. Hard to survive in a world like this without a little attitude, ya?

There is really only a 1/2 hour learning curve to CloneDVD2. The Help feature is really just a user manual which is an easy read. No degree required. Print it out, take it to lunch, send us the bill.

I never found instructions for a making a blurry disk2 though. Maybe you could keep the fake CloneDVD for the times you want to make use of that feature.

Love ya babe … don’t ever change. :cool:

Lafjax - thanks for simply reading the post for what it is, and answering the questions. I have found the drop-down menu, and see now how to burn dual-layer discs. Haven’t found the split disc option yet, but I’ll do the forum search as you suggested. Especially since other members (yourself not included) are too busy playing defense to be bothered answering any questions.

SamuriHL - as with most users of most forums, you are entirely too aggressive, antagonistic, and negative. Had you bothered to actually read my post instead of just skimming through it, you would see that I never once claimed the “real” clone dvd cant do those things, I just said I don’t know how to do them. In fact, I asked how to do the things several times. You heard only what you wanted to hear. It’s ok, I’m used to people like you on forums who just jump right in and attack people and do their best to ignore whatever questions were asked… do their best to ignore the topic and move right on to attacks. I just brush users like you off my shoulders and move on.

BJKG - not antagonistic and attacking, so thanks for that much at least. And flattering as it may be - no, I’m not some undercover incognito super-spy agent for the “fake” clone dvd. There is no conspiracy here. And I do know how to “use” the program, I just thought I would ask the 2 simple questions that I did not know. Thanks also for completely ignoring them, but I know, I know . . . you’re far too busy with conspiracy theories to be bothered with 2 simple questions. Anyway, the forum is here to ask questions, and that’s what I did.

Whisperer1 - again, no attacks, so thanks for that much at least. But also again, your focus is to belittle me (in a nice way at least) rather than simply answering the questions.

So basically, out of 4 responses, 1 focused on answering the questions, and the other 3 focused on personal injectures about a new user trying to learn how to use the program that you all praise so highly. Maybe . . just maybe . . . if I understood the program as well as you all did, I would highly praise it too. Did that ever occur to any of you? But since you’re too busy jumping on my case to just simply answer the questions and help me out, basically this thread was useless to post in the first place (again, except for Lafjax - thanks man! :slight_smile: ).

In conclusion, you guys don’t have to worry about hearing too much from me . . . this forum is very negative, just like most forums. People can’t get answers to their questions without being attacked, ridiculed, belittled, and a new one . . . conspiracy theorized against as well.

Life is too short for petty arguments. Thanks for nothing everyone (except Lafjax), I’ll just figure the program out myself.

(How DARE a brand new user bother you all with a question on how to use the program! The NERVE of me!)

What I don’t get is why when he is asking for help he chooses to be rude and insult the authors of a decent program. Not a troll, a troll would be more devious rather than just outright rude.

If you want help here you will get it, but why should people give you help for free with that attitude. Maybe you should email Elby to help you out. How can you say about “your question won’t get ignored” when your post count is only at 1 anyway unless…

  1. you got your last posts deleted for breaking the rules
  2. you posted some other place nothing to do with here, then how do you expect us to know what you are refering to?
  3. you have more than one account here

Why do you come here with your complaint based only on your inability to read manuals, or to use Google? I didn’t make CloneDVD, as did 99.999% of people on the forum, so why to you say “Your CloneDVD” in the title?. I mean you may as well go stand in a street yelling about your problem blaming everybody who walks past until an Elby staff members walks past.

I’m probably not old enough to be telling you this, but hey, but nobody cares what you have to say when your saying it in that manor, I only feel I want to help people, however dumb they may seem, all I ask is that they are patient with my advice and are polite.

Olli (original CloneDVD author) said how to split here:

In my opinion you would probably be better to split the DVD with DVDDecrypter+IFOEdit (Decrypter to rip, IFOEdit “Split to 2 DVD-Rs” fuction to split_, as you will not need to re-encode and risk quality loss at all, it also allows much more control over how you split. Myself I have never much been a fan of splitting, nor of removing anything from the DVD, I just use DVDRebuilder+CCE 3-pass VBR. Quality allways looks great as long as the bitrate is over 2500kbps.

Try to be more polite next time,


All I’m going to say is . . . the post did not get ignored, just like I knew it wouldn’t. I knew it would otherwise, being that I had a post count of 1, just like you said. So I tried an attention-getting technique. And it worked.

Thanks for the link though, that’s all I needed.

Bet you didn’t even read my advice about IFOEdit. Who said it would get ignored… I rarely see a post here that goes ignored unless:

  1. the answer is all over the forum and the person didnt search
  2. nobody knows the answer (which wasn’t the case here)
  3. it is againt the forum rules or is in the wrong place.

I’m sure your all full of justification and defence, but I think you know as well as everybody else that you where rude in your first post, read any other question here and you will find it doesnt get this kind of reply from people. If you need any further help with DVD-9> 2x DVD-5 I will be glad to help.

DVDFab will also do a good job of what you want in case IFOEdit or CloneDVD don’t get the job done still…

So I’ll bet everyone is writing back their angry rebuttals. Don’t even bother … this is his game … to throw it back in your faces and act like jesus on the cross.

“…just like most forums. People can’t get answers to their questions without being attacked, ridiculed, belittled…”

Starting with the title of your thread and through out your post… attitude! And you’ll get it back from this crowd.

Dude, I bet this has happened your whole life every time you walk into a room. You have a personality flaw. A kind person would suggest prozac or lithium. I say we should have him removed from the gene pool. (edited)

This forum is ridiculous.

Yeah, you guys “know me”, based on 3 posts. Wow, it must be handy to be able to get to know someone so easily! For most people, it usually takes a little bit of time, and a few conversations about a few solid topics at the very least, and generally face-to-face contact. But you guys can do it based on just a few sentences! Wow, if only I had that awesome ability of judgement.

Don’t worry, when I figure out how to cancel my registration, I’m outta here.

Sure, but if the first sentances are like yours people do jump to conclusions. I judged you on the tone of your comments, of course it is a very small window of your whole personality, but if its the only bit of your personality people get to see than try to make it a good bit. First impressions say alot, especially around here, I know… You can’t say something, then say “oh, you cant judge me for that, first you would have to see me at all times of the day under these circumstances over x amount of time”. Lets face it, people judge you on what they have allready seen, fair or not, they are perfectly entitled to judge you on what you have shown them so far, it of course if only unreasonable when they still hold that against you if you show them something different.

So, on a subtler note, please, what is with your profile and avatar in the upper left. You can’t be banned? You can’t really have 4,924 posts? No attitude intended… is it a joke or for real? Or am I prying too much?

Best regards,

Im not really banned, just now I have the custom title “Banned”, Tax did it a few weeks ago coz I told him to do his worst or something, so he “Banned” me.


Ben :slight_smile:

Thats funny.

Hey, an old timer to cdfreaks would know. How many minutes or hours go by before a poster can no longer edit their post. Based on your answer, I might have another comment to post after your response.

Hello Folks,

Forum Member Rob Real has demonstrated through his actions in this posting that he is a self-centered Me Now individual. He can’t post in the normal manner like all the other Forum Members but needs to have some spectacular attention getting display to have all the attention focused on him alone.

He has also demonstrated that he is lazy, arrogant, and rude.

I have no use for any Forum Member that abuses the Forum and uses it as a playground.

I like other Forum Members have noted what has transpired in this posting and I doubt that in the future if Forum Member Rob Real returns to this Forum he will receive any additional assistance.

Best Regards,

Cough, cough. If you do it right, CloneDVD will not cause any Quality loss at all.

believe me, it will - at least from me!
i didn’t read a single word further than this, 'coz people like you, using such topics, aren’t worth getting serious help with any problem. :a

Sitting here reading this thread from my comfee chair with wheels on, I thought, that’s strange! what an odd way to start a thread. Ignore a post? when, except the 3 reasons bcn_246 stated, I’ve never known anyone to be ignored. I’ve asked a few stupid ones, but you guys have always sorted me out.

Never let any selfish forum spoiler debase these forums, because I know from hours of reading posts on all the forums on CD freaks, you guys take some beating and you have a huge knowledge base here. Just ask politely and in a normal fashion and the answers come forth, loads of them!

Thanks all for the help in the past and the occasional good laugh! plus the help I know I will get in the future :smiley:

Just my 2 cents.

In my opinion, Rob Real is a lazy self centered individual, had he just bothered to read the tutorial or help files with CloneDVD his questions would have been answered.
He chose to use other forum members to do his reading for him by posting the eye grabbing topic. He is a selfish manipulator to get what he wants by whatever means necessary to reach that goal.

The only thing I’d like to say to you Rob Real is, I’m glad you’re leaving, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass, you just might sustain a migrain headache.