Your PIP experience on Blu-ray / HD DVD movies?

So I got Sunshine blu-ray it has Picture-in-Picture feature (Profile 1.1).

Load the disc into my PS3, watched the movie from the beginning. But until the movie ended, I don’t see any icon or symbol during the movie? I was expecting something pops up so that I can press my remote and see the PIP? Ok I must have missed the settings so I went to the movie main menu and found a choice to enable the PIP commentary. Then what?.. LOL

Ok started the movie again, fast forward until the end, still no sign of PIP box on my plasma?

Go back to the menus and check out the commentaries (manually). One of the titles says about “conversation in the kitchen”. Ok go to the main movie again fast forward and stopped in the kitchen where the folks cooking and chatting… then the PIP pops up! Exited… but wait, it took 1/4th of the entire screen!! (the frame is huge) and the movie sound replaced with the talking lady (commentary lol).

Hmm, not cool. I can’t imagine if I enable PIP in the first place and suddenly the PIP box pop out in the middle of a battle or action screen!?!?

Maybe it’s just this particular title Sunshine blu-ray… but anyone else want to share your experience with PIP on other movies? Blu-ray or HD DVD?

So no one here watch blu-ray or hd dvd? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah lot’s of us probably. Some people may find features like U Control fun but like I mentioned in another thread a few weeks ago that I find it very distracting. My TV has PIP as well but I don’t and probably never will use it. Obviously other people are interested in this as the manufatures are hyping this up for sales of new players. Not my cup of tea though.:slight_smile: