Your philosophy concerning sleeping

How important is sleeping to you? Do you sleep when you feel you need to? Or just when you have some spare time you think you can sleep away?

I only sleep when I can spare the time (that means 5h/day on average)… and when I’m having fun, sleeping can wait :slight_smile:

must have my sleep … in weekens 12H a day :smiley:

i sleep when im sleepy…simple as that :wink:

managed to sleep through or in most of my classes in college…have slept at my desk at work (very few times)…pull over when i’m driving and sleepy (have had a bad experience falling asleep at the wheel)…

During the week I usually go to sleep around 1-3 depends if I go out or not and get up at 6.
In the weekends, I go to sleep at 6-8 and get up again about 4-6 hours later.

In the morning, it’s sometimes harder to get up, but I’m never tired at night. Actually, I rarely have the feeling of “now I could use some sleep”.

In fact, my doc. told me last week (after some weird things with my heart) that if I continue living like this, it’ll shorten my life with at least 5 years for each year.
Well, since those 5 years are at the end, being old, I’d rather enjoy these young years more. :slight_smile:

Your philosophy concerning sleeping
i need more of it

when i die i will have plenty of time to rest

Bon Jovi: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

yup sums it up i dont sleep a lot unless unwell had a lie in this morning got up at 9:00 :o

well i sleep when i get sleepy…if its 4 am in the morning.or 10 at night…my body knows how much it needs…

I usually get <6 hours each night. I think I have sleep apnea because I always seem to need 12+ hours to feel fully rested, but rarely have time for that. Plus, coupled with my insomnia, I really don’t sleep like I should. Sleeping only happens in my spare time.

Your philosophy concerning sleeping


Right On! I’ve got a baby and one on the way, studies, social occasions, plus a demanding job, (as do so many others) sleeping is for dead people. I think I’ve averaged 5hrs per night for the last 18 months, havent slept past 7:30am for what seems a very long time. I only sleep to catch up on REM and prevent insanity.

Perhaps the only “philosophy” concerning sleeping I’ve ever had is:

“Sleeping is death.”

I never liked the fact we human mortals need sleeping and rest to operate in optimum condition. :rolleyes:

For me sleeping is one of the few moments in my life when my mind is not busy thinking.

Need 8hours every night. :iagree:

Sleeping is a waste of time…

Yes and it’s too bad that the human body needs sleep. I would prefer not sleeping at all. The only that’s nice about it is if you’re waiting for something and need to pass the time quickly. Nothing like sleeping and not realizing several hours just went by.

11:30PM->6:00AM practically on the dot.

I wake up at 6:00AM (about 2 minutes before my alarm clock) EVERY day, rain, hail, shine or armageddon.
11:30 is the latest I can go to bed (fall asleep at midnight, hence 6hrs), otherwise I’m practically undead the next day.

braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssss … neeeeeddddd braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnss

If you sleep enough, you will enjoy your day. If you don’t sleep enough, you will just exist.

6h will do the trick… And when i need more, I useualy take a quick nap on the sofa for 20min or so… (this happens more during winter, right after dinner…)