Your participation requested for an academic survey

Dear forum users,

We are doing an academic research project on online service quality. We would be grateful if you could spare 3-5 minutes and complete our online questionnaire. The link for the questionnaire is provided below.

Thank you for your help and time.

P.S. The forum leaders gave me permission to post this message.

Done and done.

How much do you pay.

I’m stuck!!

I’m 30 years, what option do i need to choose at Q1 ?

Also to stop spammers you might want to put a flag on it that doesn’t allow blank questionaires to be submitted


You already had a lot of visitors on your site - apparently close to 1600 at time of writing. Are they all coming from here or are you using other redirectors as well?

They come from other message boards too but in total I received about 350 useful responses which is not enough.

done it

The questionnaire’s webpage was down for about 4 hours yesterday due to a problem with the university’s server. It’s working properly now. Sorry about this problem.

We’re doing a follow-up survey to finish this doctoral research. It has been decided by the faculty administration that one of the repsondents will win a Free 6GB iPod Mini (including free shipping) for her/his participation - this is open to everyone worldwide.

There are no open-ended questions in this questionnaire so it can be completed by only clicks.

There are two questionnaires: one about Hotmail, the other about Yahoo! Mail. These two websites were chosen because they are popular sites but this research is purely academic so data or results will not be shared with Microsoft Corporation or Yahoo! Inc.

Please enter your email only if you want to take part in the free iPod draw. Collected emails will not be used for any other purpose. When data collection finishes, the winner will be determined and contacted by email.

Link to Hotmail quesionnaire:

Link to Yahoo! Mail questionnaire:

Please visit this link for more information about the research:

You can use the email on questionnaire pages if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and participation.

Weird opinion questions:

Support personnel are native speakers of my language.

A user message board is available on Hotmail.

Fortunately i use hotmail solely on emailing, hardly ever visit the site. Saved me a lot of trouble answering the questions :slight_smile:

The winner of the iPod (among 300 participants) is determined by a draw:

Winner: (I don’t want to write the exact emails)

1st substitute:

2nd substitute:

I’ve contacted the winner.

I’d like to thank all participants again for their contribution…