Your own copyprotection

Hey guys , it maybe has been many times on this bord , but yea… Got to go through it again.
I tried some methods to protect your own cds… like Illegal toc and overburn.
But none of them r realy good , you always can use explorer and just copy the whole cd to your harddrive which is pretty normal too.
But there are some progs like TZ and CDprotector etc… Which should i check out ?
Btw ; I checked out these two before and none of them work fine… with the tz , i got the prob when i burned the image , the files which i adjusted to be 900mb were not 900mb… and with cdprotector , It just diddn’t work … could not even burn the cd , with those fucking audio tracks , i diddn’t get my data behind them , the result was a fucking toaster…
K some detailed feedback please guys…


Nr 1
Nr 2
Nr 3
Nr 4

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