Your opnions pls, on CDR-RW

Greets all. There are opinions everywhere, and everyone has an opinion. I want yours…

Here is my current setup…

Dual boot 98se and XP Pro using…

Asus P4T-E with i850 chipset
INTEL P4 at 2.0ghz
1 gig Samsung RIMM
Asus 8460 Ultra 128mb
1 Maxtor 6L060J3
1 WDC WD1200JB-00CRA1 (8mb Cache)
1 Maxtor 6L060J3 Firedrive
Audigy Platinum with 5.1 Inspire 5700 series
WINTV 2000
3com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI (3C905C-TX)
Linksys BEFSR41 v.2
Smart USB56 V90
Standard Floppy

…all in a Lian-li
Samsung Syncmaster 955DF
HP ScanJet 4470c
Canon S450
M$ Natural Keyboard Pro
Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (Laser)

…with HS Internet

And backed up by CyberPower’s UPS

Each HD is a Master, the DVD Rom is the primary slave, the CD Rom the secondary slave.

[b]Note to all who will argue (assumptions here) that this is the incorrect setup vis a vis IDE… ALL new mobo’s are dual fifo, and therefor, allow independant speeds. Don’t want to sound…I don’t know what word to put here, but, I am sure someone will help me with it! :slight_smile: As I also have a shared paging file on the first partition of the second drive, this also allows my system to read/write at greater speeds.

End of rant…TKS[/b]

As you can see, with all four channels in use, and not willing to get into RAID, am looking for a new CDR-RW. Will be used as my player, sometimes. I more often than not, use the DVD drive for this.

Was thinking of Plextor, as I have heard good things about it (even comes with firmware - which to me, is surprising for a drive). However, am not sure of which plextor to purchase.

(Insert loud ahem, here). Some of the new, ahem, backup progs, particularly CDRWIN, do not support my current drive. :frowning:

So, on to greater things. In Canada here, so if relevant, keep that in mind.

With your help…


just got a 40 speed pleccy and it is nice!!supported by cdrwin,winoncd,clone,nero,blindread/write and easy d you need any more burning proggies??

Er, no I’m fine thanks.

Can I ask that you provide the model number of your new 40x? Please and thanks. That way, when I order it, there won’t be any mistakes.

TKS. :slight_smile:



am looking for a new CDR-RW. Will be used as my player, sometimes. I more often than not, use the DVD drive for this.

Some backups will not wor when playing in a burner because they check if they’re playing from CD-R media and all burners can detect cd-r media while regular players don’t make any difference between cd-r and pressed discs