Your opinions please.. but simple

I need some SIMPLE advice and instructions
Ok folks,
I have now begun to get the death throes of my second dvd drive on a 5027HC+. I was lucky enough to get a replacement drive out of a used machine that replaced my original (?) drive but it’s developing the same symptoms as the first.
So, here’s the parameters… I can understand the hands-on technology necessary to actually replace the drive, but reading all the numbers and brands on this forum has glazed my eyes over…
I live in the UK,
The drive needs to play as wide a variety of file formats as possible.
It must be easy to firmware upgrade from a mac (osx).
It must be as cheap as possible - (don’t want much, do I?)
I don’t mind replacing these things every coupla years or so… but every six months is a bit OTT.

So, can someone give me just one or two choices, and the best place t get them. I would greatly appreciate the input, but if you give me too many choices then I’ll just stare into the headlights.

thanks for the help has a good selection so does

The Pioneer 115 is a good drive. If your having some trouble with your optical drives I would suggest getting a new IDE cable with your purchase.
Pioneer 115
IDE cable

SVP also do quite a few drives at reasonable cost.
I personally like the LG drives but if you search the forum you will find plenty of opinions mostly different.

Thank you both very much… that’s exactly the info that I needed. I assume that the Pioneer 115 will fit into my machine, yes?
Now for the other idiot question… at what point to I need to check “firmware”? Is it drive related, disc related or machine related? and how do I do it (with a mac)?
I DO know that most of this info is contained within this site in a variety of forms and links but it is very difficult to cull the stuff that actually applies to MY machine… even I search for it by number I still get confused. So I figure, it don’t hurt to ask for help, right?
thanks everyone