Your opinion on 1653s

which to firmware you suggest to me in order to write dvd-r and to obtain the best performances in speed than reading?



For burning DVD-R I’d suggest crossflash patched BYX5. When it comes to reading they’re all much of a much. CS09 was the last firmware that didn’t have the read bug, when overclocking the read past 8x, so quite a few have stuck with this firmware for this reason.

then also the BYX5 has problems bug in reading?

Unfortunately yes. :frowning:

yes BYX5 has the bug!!!
I retired mine, but I can tell you that’s a weird drive!!! If you burn and read at low speed, you will be happy with it. If you need to combine speed and quality, forget about it!!!

yes, unfortunately byx5 has the read bug. but it’s the best overall firmware you can use with your drive.

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Why prefer DVD-R over DVD+R which Liteon likes more in quality burn?