Your opinion needed: Best Scaning,Writing, All around dvd burner?




I’m retiring my old NEC dvd burner after 18months.

I just need your opinion on which is the

1)Best Scanning dvd burner
2)Best Wrinting Dvd burner
3)Best All around burner.

I am thinking of getting 2 drives to replace my NEC one for scaning and one for writing.

I’ve read that the Lite on seems to be the best Scanning dvd burner
I’ve read the pioneer seems to be the best writing dvd burner
I’ve read that the Benq or Plextor might be the best all around.

Don’t know if its correct? :confused:

Which specfic model number for

1)Best Scanning dvd burner
2)Best Wrinting Dvd burner
3)Best All around burner.

would you recommed

I’m thinking a Lite-on drive for scanning(which one ???) and the pioneer 111d for writing?


Just get a plextor?

Going to use these drivies mostly to backup my dvd collection.

Any help would be nice. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I am currenlty using a Litey and Pioneer 111D@111L and I could not be happier. I am getting mid to high 90s on every burn with TY02s but I guess that should be expected. Just backed up a movie for my neighbor, his daughter scratched up his origional beyond his players recognition, and my Litey read it perfectly and the Pio burned at 8x with a quality score of 93 and that is on an AML 002 tested at 8x. I would normally scan that at 4x but I just wanted a fast scan and the results are still very nice considering the media.

On a side note… it is nice to be able to help a friend when he needs it.

I still wish I could get my hands on a BenQ. :bigsmile:


As SudaWilde said, Pio 111D for writing. Also know that it can be cross-flashed to 111L giving you DVD-Ram writing and automatic +R bitsetting. As for scanning, the Litey for availability. I have a new/older BenQ 1620 on the way I got on eBay. A gamble, but the price was right.