Your opinion is appreciated!



As you can see, we are still changing CD Freaks. Recently we introduced the php3 and SQL technology to our lay-out and we will never stop to improve the site.

We are not improving just like that, we need your opinion and suggestion to make CD Freaks better.

Lately we got the idea the CD Freaks became boring, it begins to be all the same, new version of this, new list of that, so we decided to introduce some new topics to our mainpage, we had already a great amount of requests for that, so it is what a lot of people want. We thinks subjects like GSM, internet, computers, babes, mp3, music would fit in our format, but what we would like to know is:

What should be on CD Freaks

  • only CD news or…
  • More ! (tell us what)

We appreciate your opinion and will take your suggestions very serious, so take the time to think about it, and improve CD Freaks the way you want it !


-= Main Staff CD Freaks =-


I vote for more news, cd’s related


yes, I also vote for more topics and for less banners than in 1999.
suggestions: new and good site ‘links of the day’ with topics. But don’t let people post it themselves, check it first pleaZ.


I think cdfreaks rox!
(It always has, and always will…)

How about a forum with FTP adresses?
I’m sure many guys would like to see this at your BB.

Futher I’d like to give you a hind. HTML is on… this ain’t smart… We (Some friends of mine and I) had a messageboard too where HTML was enabled… Till some lamer found out what was possible with HTML… Scrolling texts, large irritating images… And believe me, that ain’t kewl! There for we also started to use UBB, at this time we still run v5.39C, but we are looking for 5.41 or newer (since those versions also include ANTI-FLOOD) So, could anyone please tell me how to get this version?
My ICQ UIN: 58819538



I think we need more news like that…keeps you better informed…




I’d like to see some other stuff besides cd stuff. However the CD part should not get less attention, it’s would be nice to have some stuff about mp3’s and computers, but as I said it shouldn’t be taking attention away from the CD part, cause this IS CDFREAKS.



I think a Babes section is a very good idea and also some more and Faster news…



I think news is a great idea and a “babes” section is also a kewl idea. Keep it flowing and keep up all the GREAT work you do.


i for example would like to see daily updates of cdfreaks. i have cable internet and im online everyday.

also i’d like to see if the news was of some quality, lately it hasn’t been that way.

grtz to
size dominator and the serverhosting man
keep up

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Hey, great to have you back!

On the topic, I think that expanding the site to cover other topics is a great idea, but not on the front page. Maybe you could have seperate news ‘streams’ like we have here in the forum, so your visitors only have to look at the news they’re interested in!

Keep up the good work!





Just a few suggestions:

  • Enable people to “rate” dealers, by awarding them a number of stars, ten stars being the best.

  • A page where the prices of the dealers are compared

  • Integrate a “experiences” link in the dealers list, so you’re able to see what others think of a specific dealer before you buy anything.

  • Quit fooling around with the mp3 section. Get serious and start working on A WORKING and fast mp3 top 50. Yes, I know i can use Napster for that, but Napster doesn’t support “Download Accalerator”, so the downloads go really slow. Preferably on your own server, because last year, the links tended to be down.

  • Other news would be appreciated, only there should be a seperate section for it, or at least on the news page with another color or something.

  • Babes are cool, just don’t start that “Cracked Passwords” shit. If you want to put babes on your site, use pinups, no porn.


I agree with HeLLHouND;
CDFREAKS is unique because of the CD info.
you’re unique and thats youre right of existence. There are lots and lots of other news, mp3 and hardware info and certainly enough porn sites.

If you would like to expand then don’t do it on the ‘main’ news site but on separate ‘mp3 news’, ‘computer news’ etc.

Nice you’re back, you’re the best !


I totally agree with SeBase.
-The Dealer-section would be very handy!
-Mp3z can you download everywhere, but if CDfreaks would host them on their own server, it would be great. (don’t start linking MP3’z, always +/- 50% don’t work!)
A special Babes page would be cool, but only if CDfreaks host the pictures on their own server.


NO NEWS! This is a CD info site. Nothing’s wrong with expanding horizons and going into related topics but to put up current topics and general news articles…ISPs support going to multiple sites, right? Go to CNN if you want the lastest news, they do one thing and do it right. Just like CD FREAKS does one thing and does an EXCELLENT job.

PLEASE stick to what you do best…CD info. This way you can concentrate on CD stuff, not if someone got shot or the Dow has just taken a dip.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

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Why a babe section?

There are trillions of babe-sites on the net! So why should they start the one-trillion-and-first babe section?
Think 'bout that!


If I want babes I’ll surf PornCity…
Downloadable cracks is always good as it seems alastvista is down.
Maybe take hardware to a new level w/reviews, price ‘vs’ performance, ect…
More CD news is always cool…
A database of current Cd’s w/copy trouble shooting.
Cd Freaks is a great site and far from borring…


Blijf wat je bent…De beste CD gerelateerde site. Daarom zijn jullie zo populair geworden.
Poesjes kijken kan ik ook elders…
Meer dan genoeg zelfs.
Hou je bij je sterke kant en blijf de beste site voor CD-Freaks.


I vote for News, PC Harware Stuff and better CD dealers info.


I would say, NO BABES AT ALL!!
If you porn freakes want babes goto: thes a babe of the day section. Every day one new babe.

What i would like to see on cdfreaks is nothing more then there is right now.

But that’s just my oppinion.

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