Your opinion for this standard definition receiver

I want to buy a sd top box for my TV, its a basic tv.

here is the link

its a panasonic

• Standard Definition Digital Reciever.
• DVB-T compliant,
• 576i output,
• MPEG Audio,
• Sound Level Equaliser,
• Auto setup,
• On Screen Programme Guide,
• Over Air Download,
• 1 x Scart output with
• S-VHS/Composite Video/L/R Audio

does this sound Ok ? anyone here own one ?
What is the S-VHS/Composite Video/L/R Audio good for ? does that mean u can feed a vcr ouput into it ?

576i output, oh well.

Assuming this means separate SVHS, Composite and L+R audio output sockets to the main scart connection, this would allow you to connect it to your VCR, although you’ll need a Scart to composite + L+R audio cable to connect it up. The alternative is to get a scart splitter to connect the TV and VCR to it. Note that in either case, you’ll need two Scart sockets on your VCR unless you plan on watching the VCR back with the video sent over the coaxial cable.

After having a quick look around, I would strongly recommend avoiding this unit. For example, after having a quick look around for user reviews, most of the reviews I came across mention about poor picture quality, crashes often, video goes out of sync with audio if there is interference, weak tuner, sluggish EPG and narrow remote control angle. Reviews mentioning about crashing alone would make me think twice of getting a particular receiver, as it can be so frustrating to be watching an interesting programme only for the picture to freeze at a bad time.

thanks for the quick reply. What exaclty is a 576i output ? Is that the amount
of signal strength ? What amount should a good one be ?
It would be nice if I could get a brand new Topfield for under $130 bucks.
Or I might have to go with a “STR” unit.
Unfortunately all electric appliances are cheaper in Sydney and I live in Melbourne.