Your movie Library

Is there a web-site or some sort of cool thing that lets you add and share what movies you own? So you can share your movie library with other users online?

Or anything kind of like it that pretty popular?

What you are asking for is illegal…so you won´t get an answer to this question here.

I don’t see why it is illegal to share a list of movies you own…as long as the movies itself are not shared.

I keep my list in an Excel file…currently 175 films (could be more if I count some boxes for each film in the box), 58 music DVDs, 67 (stand-up) comedy/cabaret…and I don’t want to know how much money it cost me to buy all these :wink:

If you want to share a list of movies (not the movies themselves) you can do so at by signing up for a free membership and use the My Movies feature to create and maintain lists of movies you own or like or want to buy and so on. You can then choose to share any list you want with your friends by making it public and sending them a link to the relevant list.

Sorry if I misunderstood the question…lists…no problem