Your media stockpile

i need to stop buying media (but i can’t resist some of the good deals around). currently i have


250 X FUJI 8X DVD+R (TYT02)

100 X Verbatim 16X DVD+R (MCC004)

50 X Verbatim 8X DVD+R (MCC003)

50 X Verbatim 52X CD-R (MCC Type 3)

what’s your stockpile consist of?

200 x Fuji 8x DVD + R (TYT02)
150 X Maxell 4x DVD - R (MXL02)
14 x Maxell 8x DVD - R (MXL03)
105 X Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD - R (from

Well I’m actually running low.

50 Maxell 4x dvd-r(tyg01)
50 Fuji 8x dvd-r silver hub printable(fujifilm03)

and in my CRAP pile#@$@
50 Great Quality 4x dvd-r white printable( ) These are worthless for any purpose but I hate to just throw them out.

I’m going out to buy some +r disc this week though. I needed all the -R’s for backing up PS2 games

i’ll take em! thinking the AutoStrategy on my PX716s will be able to burn them successfully…

100 Ritek white top G04’s
50 TYG01 thrermal printables
30 TDK TTG01

These are the first ones I ever got that I can burn but nothing will read them. I’m hoping maybe a firmware upgrade later will make them useful

I got to thing baybe I need to go to Best Buy and get 100 of the TDK MIJ but better check and see what I already have.
60 Optodisc 0R4 IJ Printables+Rs
75 CMC Mag F01 Memorex IJ Printables +Rs
20 Prodisc R03 Memorex +R70 Ricohlpn W11 Memorex +Rs
5 Sony MID Code Sony -Rs 2.4X
9 Ricohjpn W01 +RWs 2.4X
4 CMC Mag W01 Philips +RWs 2.4X
22 CMC Mag AE1 Philips -Rs 8X
200 Ricohjpn R01-02 Fuji +Rs
65 Ricohjpn R01-02 TDK/Memorex Mixed +Rs
250 TY T02 Fuji +Rs 8X
100 TY T02 TDK +Rs 8X
100 TY T02 Sony +Rs 8X
100 MCC003 Verbatim +Rs 8X
70 Ricohjpn W11 Memorex +RW 4X
25 Sony D11 +Rs 8X
So I guess I’ld better save that gift card for something else.

yea G_Ivan…i think you’re good for a little while…

49 TY G02
1 Ritek D01 DL

Not much of a stockpile. I was down to only 1 TY G02 disk today until UPS dropped off a new spindle from Rima.

I have:
25 8X Optodisc DVD-R
15 8X Optodic DVD+R
40X Fujifilm/TY 8X DVD+R.
I’m poor

50 TY 4X
50 Maxell 8X
150 KIC 4X
100 MediaBox 2X
100 TY 8X
300 TDK 12X
200 TDK 8X
100 TY 4x
100 TY 12x
200 TY 32X
50 Kodak Gold 12x
50 Mitsui (Mitsui Toatsu) 4x
20 TY 8x (Playstation Logo)
50 TDK 4x
30 TY 12x
40 TDK 4x
50 TY 48X
Thats about all i have left.
Problem is that all CD-Rs except the 700MB TYs and 650 32X TYs are not available anymore and are part of my collection…lol

48 Sony 8x dvd+r MID Yuden000t02 from Staples.
Yeah, that’s all.

@drpino, where did you get your MCC004? I’m wanting to order some (approx 100), but I can’t find it. Where is the best place to buy it?

I’m running low myself.

7 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R (TYG02)
10 8x JVC DVD-R Made In Japan (TYG02)
30 16x Fujifilm CD-R Made In Japan (Taiyo Yuden)

I wouldn’t have bought the JVC’s since they were horribly overpriced ($2 a disc) but I had a gift card at the particular store where I bought them and couldn’t think of anything else better to buy.

i bought them off (and picked up at the store) when they were on sale. it was like 14.99 for a 25pk spindle so i bought 4 (already had 1 but that’s gone now). best thing i would suggest is wait til they’re on a weekly sale at Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples or any of the other brickn’mortar stores then stock up.

im headed over to Best Buy (again) this evening to pick up 2x100pk spindles of Fuji 8XDVD+R TYT02 :D…hoping that will satisfy me for at least another month.

JVC TYG02 are very high quality in my experience.

:bigsmile:… I did the same thing about a month ago when the (25)Spindles were on sale. After burning a couple hundred of the TY02, and NEVER having a scan that was not excellent, I’ve hit a few spindles that are not so good. I run QScan on the discs, and it also shows they aren’t as good as normal. I guess that’s what people are referring to when they’re talking about “bad batches” of TY02.

The MCC004 at Best Buy is sold under Verbatim 16X right? Just wanted to make sure. I’ve been using TY01 and TY02 for so long that I haven’t really noticed who’s making what lately.

yep, i took advantage of those Fuji 25pk spindles too. :smiley:

yep, Verbatim 16X is MCC004.

80 Fujifilm 48CDR (TY)
10 Verbatim SuperAzo DLP (MCC, slimline cases)
10 Sony 32x Design Mix (TY, sllimline)
2 Ricoh 4-10x CDRW (made in japan Ricoh :), slimline)
3 Mitsubishi 650mb 32x CDRW (MCC, jewel cases)
9 Verbatm Metal Azo Vinyl CDR (MCC, jewel cases)

3 Verbatim 4x Movie DVD-R (MCC, large clear cases) :slight_smile:
5 TDK 8x DVD+R (RicohJPN02, jewel caseS)
20 Fujifilm 8x DVD-R (TY)

using mainly dvdr now. What am i supposed to do with all those cdrs :frowning:

run data transfer tests and post scans of them :wink: :bigsmile:

ok, im not buying media until March…add 200 more Fuji 8X DVD+R (TYT02) to my stockpile :eek: :iagree:

i was hunting around Best Buy (diff one than my local) and they had a few 100pk spindles of TDK 8X DVD+R made in Japan…i was so tempted to get them since they’re probably Yuden000 T02 but when i had 2 100pk spindles of Fuji in my hands for $39.99 - 10%, i couldn’t justify just satisfying my curiousity for $79.99. :eek: