Your longest Print Job!

I’m currently sitting at work … having waited 20minutes for a a few pages to print on some fancy glossy paper. It’s spooled about 53MB through, of a total 133MB/s.

A pretty little number that’s supposed to stick our foot in the door for a very large maintenance contract … about 70 high res images crammed onto 8 pages in various modes and fashions … then printed at high res, onto glossy high gm count paper.

At any rate, I foresee it spooling until after I’ve left work for the day, before the first page comes out of the printer :wink:
Of course, these pages are needed early in the morning for a presentation, so in response to all inevitability, I expect that when I get into the office tomorrow, it will have printed on the wrong sides of the paper, despite myself running a quick test to ensure I have them the right way up.

So, at last the question … what’s the longest you’ve ever had to wait for a print job to finish?

I dont have to wait, my Canon shoots out pictures so fast I giggle lika a little girl everytime.

A .pdf containing 180 pages of screenshots to the network printer.
I have no idea how long it took the system to print the freaking document but my colleagues were not amused.

I print very high res pictures all the time with photoshop and the spool time is only a few seconds.

The problem in your case i believe is that you seem to be spooling over a very slow conection to your printserver or at least that or your print serverr is struggling with the size of your spool.

For print jobs that include very high resolution graphics and imagry I recomend you use machines and printers that are directly attached as spooling will be generally much faster.

Also remember that some programs are very dumb in the way they spool print jobs.

for example if i want to print 20 copys of an high resolution image in photoshop it will simply spool one copy of the print data and then tell the print server to print mulitiple copys of this which is excactly how it should be done.

However the last version of corel draw i used decided to spool seperate data for each copy which when printing multiple copies of the same thing makes the spool data size massive.

My Epson used to take forever. Now I have a Lexmark which is a bit quicker.

This is at printing photos at the best setttings, which I mostly use my printer for.

I was pleasantly surprised at not having to wait all year with the Lexmark, hehe :bigsmile:

Argh you edited in a eyepatch on your avatar! I was going to do that! But I suck at animating. What did you use?
Also, you know your Lexmark will run out of ink after two photos right? :bigsmile:

A friend of mine has been waiting almost one year for me to print one picture for him.

Hehe, I didn’t put the eyepatch on, imkidd did - maybe if you suck up to him, he’ll do one for you, too. Your avvy would look good with an eyepatch :bigsmile:

I must admit, the Lexmark does drink colour ink like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s lasted a bit longer than two photos - I need to get another colour cart, though :wink:

“You’re slow”.

But I have a Cannon too!

My office is running gigabit (I made sure of that :bigsmile: ), unfortunately, the print server is not a PC, it’s just a little black box with a few USB/parallel ports out.
I trashed the old print server PC since it was running NT4 … and was continually having issues (most notably people sending oversize drawings to a printer, or to the wrong tray -> Which causes printers to stop and wait … usually when I wasn’t at work to fix the issue). So I bashed the PC up a few times & dumbed the system down with little standalone print servers (all problems = power off & power back on) for the non-PC literate users.

The printer has 64MB ram onboard , so I know for sure the little black box print server is the issue.