Your last good Poll in the hay!

Oooh … It’s been a while since I’ve particpated in a good Poll in the hay.

The excitement, the anticipation, the aerobics exercise straining muscles & lungs, and a jolly good feeling afterwards, when the world feels serene and you have no more cares in the world.

When was the last time you participated in a jolly good poll?

Come on people, get those creative juices flowing & post a good poll.

I’d say the poll battle of “Pirates vs Ninjas” is still going on, so there’s been plenty of poll excitement recently.
Ok, that one only has 2 options and is destined to be a draw otherwise the balance of the universe will be tipped, with dangerous results; so maybe we shouldn’t include it as a proper poll… It was also missing the underwear on head / god option, so probably doesn’t count at all.

We need some suggestions for good poll topics :iagree:
(I can’t think of any right now … jet lag brain dead…)

Yo Honeybuns-

Y’all could come up with a “most disgusting” Chinee meal type poll-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :Z

shudders with horror

I have my first delightful business meal coming up in less than 2 hours… oh, how I am looking forward to it… :disagree:

My vote goes for the any, or all of the following:

  • Chinese baked western-style bread … which is sweet, oily & sticky.
  • Those tofu balls, meat balls, miscellaneous balls that are boiling in the pots in the chinese 711’s (or whatever they are called)
  • The steamboat … where they bring live prawns still wriggling on their sticks to the table … not just because they are still alive & wriggling, but because I didn’t see much water in china that I would wish to be splashed with, let alone drinkable or “my food grew up soaking in it”.

My favourite polls are the ones that Womble secretly changes to make him win. Thus I expect this option to mysteriously appear at #1 in the above list, whilst others mysteriously disappear, at some stage… :wink:

LOL! I know what you mean about the prawns… shudders

I ended up going for Korean food yesterday, Hooray!!
But some menu highlights from lunch - gotta love bad translations :iagree:

  • Free growing weeds (mixed greens I assume)
  • Fish balls with moss (no idea on the moss… maybe it really was moss)
  • Swimming crab (?)
  • Boiled (huh?)

Real, properly translated menu items;

  • Stewed sea cucumber with onion
  • Iced jelly fish

Mr B or Pearhead generally do the best polls.

However I am always open to newbies i the poll market.

Okay, by popular demand i’ll start a new poll :slight_smile:

Hurray for Womble! :smiley: