Your inner pet



Everyone has an inner pet. An animal who he/she likes so much that she/he actually once dreamt about being one. What’s yours?


Mine is a snake. I love snakes because they are self-sufficient, beautiful, and strong. Snakes can be very affectionate, and there’s nothing like feeding a big, fat rat to your python. Snakes can swim, climb trees, and move quickly over land, if need be. All purpose animal. :iagree: :iagree:


I’d say an elephant. While being probably the biggest and most powerful animal on land it doesn’t hurt anyone or is aggresive towards others. But if you annoy it it can hurt you bad. It’s also is a social animal which lives in groups (except for the males) and pretty intelligent from what I know.


Birds. They can fly wherever they want. A swallow.


A dodo, I’m one of a kind. :iagree:


Tiger grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr;) hehee


“Ju are a tiger, baby …” - Tony Montana (“Scarface”) :slight_smile:


Hi again , I might as well contribute Mr. Belvedere !

I hoped You had put the Phoenix in here too (a bird which is reborn/rises from
the ashes of it’s own destruction/suicide) , but I’ll take another wise choice :

Definitely a Dune Sand Worm since without it , there can be no spice -
and therefore no effective movements in time and space in the universe !
So no real progress without the spice from a Dune Sand Worm …

But anyone who saw David Lynch’s edition of Dune (Yes , there is another one - even with successors -
made by Hallmark , more true to Frank Herberts books !) with Kyle McLachlan , Max von Sûdow
& other stars knows that the true nature of Dune’s Sand Worms is not revealed before the last
chapters of the movie . Untill then everyone just seems scared or fascinated by the huge creatures …


PS : Excuse me for correcting You , DoMiN8ToR : (quoting)

“an elephant. While being probably the biggest and most powerful animal on land
it doesn’t hurt anyone or is aggresive towards others. But if you annoy it it can hurt you bad.”

This is not true . Especially MALE elephants in “musth” (a kind of Macho-state with juice flowing from a gland
between the eye and the ear lasting four months or longer from APRIL TO ? every year) is known to attack
and kill humans madly WITHOUT REASON as well as killing other animals as large as Rhinoceros !

“Jayantha Jayewardene, an authority on elephants … explained that male elephants come into musth every year.
It is seen by the secretion of an oily substance from a gland between the eye and the ear. This is a sign of
musth, together with aggressive behaviour which is usual during this time.
He commented that as it is prestigious when an elephant participates at the Kandy Esala Perahera, mahouts of
elephants in musth sometimes wipe off traces of the oily secretions from the face of the elephant so that the
signs of musth are not visible.
Jayawardene added that an elephant gets into musth when he is in very good body condition. Although the musth
period is not directly connected with reproduction, it is usually the elephants in musth that mate.
“In the wild, male elephants have to fight for the female. It is nature’s method of breeding to ensure that the
best animal mates with the female,” he said. The pressure in the musth gland creates pressure in the head which
is the cause of the anger and aggressiveness.”

Also Mike Fay from National Geographic reports :

“He found males to be cowardly compared with females, though males in “must,” a hormone-driven frenzy,
were to be avoided. “They can be completely out of control,” he said.”

A recent example is whole villages in Africa , India & elsewhere being rampaged :

August 19, 2005
Elephants storm Zimbabwe resort
“A herd of stray elephants has gone on the rampage in the northern Zimbabwean resort town of Kariba.” - BBC NEWS

August 21, 2005
Adult male elephant captured after rampage in smallholding
“The State Wildlife Department today captured an adult male elephant believed to be part of a herd
that went on a rampage in several villages here over the past few months.” - New Straits Times

If You search google for MUSTH or just “elephants” + “attack” etc. You will find more .

Of course some incitaments to drive elephants mad could be mankind expanding their territory ,
but MUSTH has bin known long before the 21th century - so it’s a romantic myth that elephants are cool !

All I can say is : an interesting choice of pet !


a fox… :wink:


I stand corrected, I want to be a female elephant now! :bigsmile:


Big foot :wink: