Your first time!

your first time where and how old were you!

aged 14 she was17 and a golf course sorry carnt remember the last time :o

Both 15, in old grotty public bogs :Z

Please tell me bj that you didn’t have your Celtic top on at the time!!! Plus did you confess it??? For myself 14, in her bedroom during the summer holidays - dear god it was awful - hopefully I have improved with age (now fathered 2 kids with 1 on the way, so must be doing something right!!)

That’s blasphemy :stuck_out_tongue:

No to both q’s, i was pissed :bigsmile:
not into religion.

Both 14, Was my brothers friend, on a park bench… was a quicky, but no moisture, god it was painful when she sat on it.

13… on her birthday. She was 16, I think.

7th grade so I must have been about 12. She was the same age. Me and a friend actually wound up hooking up with her and her friend because of a prank phone call they made. It was in the middle of the winter in the school yard. I laid down my coat for her but I’m still glad that it wsn’t my ass in the snow. My knees got plenty frozen though. Believe it or not, a lot of my friends were sexually active at that age. Fyi this was in Utah, in of all places, Orem (next city over, provo, home of the mormon tarbernacle quire, famous provo temple etc.). I guess that mormons are not so innocent, lol. The funny thing is that at that age, I was already lying about already having lost my virginity as I was kind of old to be a virgin in the group I hung out with.

Wow! I think this makes me the shy prude on this topic! I was 17, he was 19, in the FRONT seat of his crappy Datsun coupe. Very awkward, but I think I was happy to just get it over with before I left high school. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me 18 - she 16 - after party in parents bed of the girlfriend of my double date partner - in the hills overlooking Pasadena, CA-
Not very romantic as the damn panty girdle took over a half hour to talk her out of and take off - but got 'er done none the less…

me 17 … she (i dont remember) i was dronk … i gues 17-18 …
wood … moon … etc

i can only say i didnt remember much from that night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

his name was John…he had blond hair and blue eyes…was a bit taller than 6 foot…he wore Levis with navy socks and deck shoes…a yellow Ralph Lauren short sleeve Polo shirt…and a Navy Ralph Lauren Windbreaker…and Polo Cologne…(I still think of him when i smell that fragrance)…He sang “Your the Inspiration” to me just before we did…

it…I was 16 he was…27 !!!

^Just caused another spill in HMB-eh!

(see - I just knew she liked OF’s - here’s proof)

I am shocked and disgusted - how could you??? I mean come on a Datsun!!

LOL! I know! But like I said, I was just happy to get it over with! If it makes you feel any better, we were parked on a very high hilltop overlooking our pretty little farm town in northern California… :smiley:

My goodness…it sounds like a condom commercial! He must have made a very lasting impression on you (obviously)!

Okay - I will give you that - nice setting - much better than a crappy council estate in Livingston, Scotland!!

My first time was with a male friend, in his parents’ bed. We were both about 12, maybe 13.
That was hella good.

Wow! I’m too chicken to experiment at any age… :doh:

oh he did…from the moment i saw him i wanted him…:slight_smile: and you never forget your first…

i normally claim that i am a virgin and that she (whoever that is at the time) will be my first…

normally, they don’t believe me but they are amused…