Your first self-built PC?

After tinkering about swapping things in and out of various pre-built PCs for a year or so, my first self built PC was:

an AMD K6-2/450
Gigabyte GA5AX mobo
Maxtor 10gig HDD
Voodoo3 3k vid card (which I think I still have)
SB Live! Value soundcard
Philips CDD3610 CD burner

I loved it dearly, it was rock solid…passed it onto my mum after a couple of years, and she sold it after a year.

What was your first self-built beast? :slight_smile:

Good thread!!

I am really struggling to think back that far, I think it was 8088 with 64 KB of ram.

Although if I remember correctly I had bought a 286 desktop at 16mhz CPU, and i think it costs around $4k!!!

You paid $4k for a PC?!

And your memory can’t be that bad…mind you, I can’t believe I remembered all the bits that went into mine :eek:

Apple Mac Plus logic board in a home made box
with an Apple II power supply. Connected to a
green PC monitor. 68000CPU at 8MHz. 1MB RAM

The Mac Plus board was later replaced by a
Mac SE30 logic board. 68030 CPU at 16MHz
and 40MB hard-drive. :clap:

I didn’t get into IBM compatible PC’s until the
early 90s. The first one was a 80386SX 40MHz
with 4MB of RAM.

I’ve never built one.
After my experiences this week, I’ll probably keep away from building; it would probably turn out like terminator rather than a trusty, reliable pc :eek:

Amd K6-233Mhz
Dodgy PC-Chips M-571 mobo
2x 128MB Hynix PC133 ram.
8GB Fujistu 5400rpm HD
4MB S3 Virge DX Video Card -misc manufacturer (quickly updated to a 16MB PCI 3DFX Banshee after the first 3D game attempt)
Dodgy 16bit Pci soundcard - I still have the original box :stuck_out_tongue:
Asus 34x CDrom (that’s not a typo) which had terrible trouble with Mode2 discs.
Fujitsu 3.5" floppy drive
Misc PS2 keyboard …
A-tech PS2 mouse which had issues if light shone through the cracks in the buttons.
Dodgy stereo speakers.
Acer 15" CRT monitor (Curved screen).
Generic 10Mb PCI network card.
Motorola PCI - WinModem.

I think in was a 486 @ 100 mhz machine. Every desktop I have had since then has been self built.

I used oem machines for years. Didn’t get the urge to roll my own till Jan 2003 or so.
It was:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
XP 2100+ cpu
512mb Kingston PC2700 ram
Generic DVD rom
Maxtor HD (don’t remember if it was 20gb or 30)
Can’t remember the original vid card, but I put in a Geforce3 Ti 200 soon after building it.

It has evolved over time and now is my backup machine with this configuration:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
XP 2600+ Barton cpu
768mb Corsair PC3200 ram
BenQ 1620 DVDRW
WD 120gb hard drive
Radeon 9800 Pro video card
Leadtek WinTV 2000 XP tv/video capture card

It is still a responsive, capable computer for most tasks. Video encoding is a bit slow, but I rarely use it for that anymore.

I could have saved so much money had I started building earlier :doh: I got a $2500 gateway in 97, then another $2500 gateway in 2002 (neither were top of teh line, probably in the upper 3/4 tho). I added new parts into both, so I figured I could build one from scratch, then I looked into prices and my jaw dropped when I found out I could build a fairly high end PC for ~$1k :eek: (I checked at the time and it was ~$500 less than gateway could offer a similar rig :smiley: )

built late 2005:

AMD 3700
ECS KN1 SLI lite (nf4 939)
generic 2x512mb ddr400
xfx 6800gs
1x maxtor 160gb, 1x WD 80gb hdd
liteon 160p6s
450w psu
thermaltake tsunami

as you can see from my sig, I’m still running the same basic rig, its just been through a few Frankenstein operations :stuck_out_tongue: and a few more are due…new CPU cooler is long overdue, PSU is at its limits, video is a bit long in the tooth, the liteon is starting to act up :rolleyes: biggest priority right now is a cooler, and perhaps an external enclosure for the 80gb to take some load off the PSU :bigsmile:

Interesting thread…

OK let me think… mmmmmmmmmmm…

Abit KR7A-Raid
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
Mermoy Started at 256MB if i recall, although i cant remember what make.
Sparkle Geforce 2 MX
Sound Blaster PCI128
Teac CD-Rom

Cant remember anything else that was in it.

I still actually have most of the parts still in draws or on shelfs.

Hehe…the “geek” in me is loving all these configs and stories :iagree:

@Kerry - “roll my own” LOL :bigsmile:

Lets see,
Pentium II 400.
Abit mobo.
ATI Rage 128 AGP.
Voodoo 2 3000 PCI.
10Gig WD HD.
256 PC 133? (Maybe 100?)
Sound Blaster 128.
USB 1.0
DiamondMax 56K.
Later updated the CPU to a Pentiun III 750.

I never actually set out to buy the parts and build a complete PC in one go, it’s all been evolutionary. I do remember the fist one I bought in 2001, a cheap supermarket brand with a little PCChips/SiS all-in mobo, Celeron 733, 64MB SDRAM, 4.3GB Seagate, no-name CD-ROM and WinME. I got a 256MB RAM-stick, a Kenwood TrueX CD-ROM and a Maxtor 20GB HD pretty soon after (and started sound-deadening the case :eek: ), which is when I made the mistake to set the FSB from 66 to 100 (there wasn’t anything in between :doh: ). Took the CPU to a PC Shop where they said it tested OK and they sold me a new Asus TUSL2-C mobo. The Celeron never worked quite right again though and I got me a PentiumIII 1133MHz instead, plus another stick of RAM and so on… (an aluminum Lian-Li case and Zalman PSU were next I believe :bigsmile: ). So that was my first self-build experience :slight_smile:

AMD 1800+
Asus M/B (don’t remember which one)
Maxtor 80gig HD
512MEG of ram (Samsung)
ATI (All in Wonder graphics)
BenQ DW1620
El Cheapo ATX case
Iiyama 15 inch LCD
My daughter has it and uses it for homework and burning CD’s.

If I remember correctly…

Intel 80286
CPU speed: 10 Mhz (yes Mhz!)
DOS only. :wink:

So far you and skelton get the Oldest Self-Build Award :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

never tried it, i’d like to, but theres on at MESH just now thats tickling my fancy


My first self-built PC was built by me in July 1999. I had previously had a Packard Bell Pentium 60 since 1995.

Motherboard: Abit BX6 Rev. 2.0
RAM: generic 128Mb PC-100 SDRAM
Sound Card: Creative SB Live Value OEM
OS: Windows 98 SE
Processor: Intel Celeron A 333MHz Slot 1
CD-ROM: Digital Research
Hard Disk Drive: Quantum FireBall EX 6.4 GB
Video Card: ATI Rage Fury 32Mb AGP
Case: Enlight
PSU: Sparkle
Monitor: Packard Bell 14"

The Abit motherboard was dodgy causing random reboots and shutdowns. It died and stupid me replaced it with another Abit BE6 II rev 2.0 RAID which caused the same problems. I did not discover this until 2001!!! I subsequently stopped using Abit and now use exclusively ASUS.

The RAM died after warranty and i could not replace until the next year. The CD-ROM died and was replaced by a Pioneer 115? DVD-ROM.

The only stuff that i still have is the Celeron A.


Ahh mine was a 8088 haha I win (well I guess I won’t consider that a win)

A real homebrew computer. Z80A 8 bit CPU.
8kB RAM, 32kB Rom, Fox RTC chip and
a couple of PIO chips for communicating
with the outside world and driving the
2 line, 16 character LCD display.
Early 90s.