Your first kiss



If you ever kissed, with who was your first (do you still know her) and what was it like? If you never did, how do you think it’ll be?

Mine was with a girl in my class on new years eve a long time ago, it sucked as she smoked and I didn’t. Out of the blue she pushed her tong in my mouth and I just returned the favor :wink:


Rofl interesting topic, lets see …

My first is ages ago with a girl whom i didnt really know just had a few chats online, altho a friend of me knew her. So one evening we where planning on where we were going that night. We where planning it all in an irc room (lol ;P) and she was in it to being sad that she had nothing to go to and wasnt going to see her boyfriend. So we kindly invited her too.

Well after a few things (read beers), her being more gorgeous then i thought and her liking me better then i thought too (she actually hit on me lol bit awkward cause i know she had a boyfriend, kind of a moral dilemma etc).

It didnt really lead too much, a few happy moments, some heartache (dunno if thats even the right word). But it was the first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First kiss. Hmmm, long time ago :bigsmile:

First “proper” kiss (tongues and that!) would have been when I was 15, away at school, 47 miles from home.

Fell head over heels for this 17 year old, all was rosy til I found out he was seeing another girl. Thing was, she didn’t know he was seeing me, and I didn’t know he was seeing her - very crafty.


I was 10 yrs old, my best friend and I were held down by a classmate’s (Ruth) older brother as she ravaged us… :stuck_out_tongue: My friend went first screaming, “…it hurts, it hurts!..” I protested and squirmed, but I thought it was kinda cool. I remember having to pretend not to like girls in order to be cool, but to be honest, I don’t recall a time when I didn’t absolutely adore them.

First time really, (yes, Arachne - tongues and that… :bigsmile: ) 14, on a date with the femme fatale of the school. I remember being almost giddy…combination of excitement (out of ~1000 girls…this one was #1) and being soooo freakin’ scared. Unfortunately, this was followed by a rather lengthy “dry” spell… :sad:


i got sent to the principal’s office for kissing a boy during recess when I was in first grade.


Hi :slight_smile:
Mine was when I was born. The nurse had to give me the kiss of life. :iagree: :bigsmile: But then apparently told me to make the most of it, as it was my first & possibly last kiss. :frowning: How right she was. :sad:


I had sex after my first kiss. Oh ya I am still with her.


Awwwwww LOL :bigsmile:

@zebadee - poor zebadee :sad:


So I guess you must be old then :smiley: (how long ago ?) :smiley:

As to “proper” so there is a proper way and a not proper way ? That’s interesting.

My first kiss, well hmmmmm was in a lift… (Now that’s weird I know), in a lift, WITH a lift… 'nuff said! :slight_smile:


my first kiss was in the restroom in kindergarden …

my first with the “works” was a guy named greg…we both had braces…and we were around 12…he has since gone to kissing only guys :frowning: guess he figured after me no sense in dating other girls…once you have had the best…second just won’t do .:slight_smile:


you lie i saw you down the creek with all those mullets :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re a real wind-up merchant :p…and it was 15 years ago (yes, I do feel old). :bigsmile:


You must have REALLY turned him off girls S_S, what on earth did you do to him, poor lad :bigsmile:


With an innocent-looking girl on Dec. 27 or 28, 1999. First sex was also with her on Dec. 31. I was born in Dec. 1973. She lacked self-confidence and was often dishonest.


hee hee…like i said after we broke up…he figured since he had lost the best woman…he would just have to try the other team :bigsmile:


15 years ago, LOL that makes you in your late 30’s, old indeed - :slight_smile: Maybe oldest on the forum :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyways nice topics, keep’em coming, :slight_smile: it’s fun to know that people around here have other things on their mind other than interpreting KProbe scans :smiley:


:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

LMAO - She’s probably a vampire :bigsmile:


Close. I’m 31 (now how old were you again? :p). :bigsmile:

And I agree with you on the topics :iagree:


Don’t you like cd-dvd speed? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oldest? I believe 30 is about the average age who visit this forum. Maybe those who are over 40 are less likely to post in this thread.