Your firmware choice for nec ND 2510a?

What are the best of firmwares for writing SL and DL media (RPC1, bitsetting, media support) at this time?

Do we have one firmware for both SL and DL +R/RW to set booktype (bitsetting) as DVD-ROM?

What are differences between TDB’s and Herries’s firmwares for the same official firmware ( for i.e. 2.06 and 2.16 )?

I think you should refer to this thread :

Tanks for refer amadeo, but I would prefer to know what do you ( and not only you) use now for writing SL and DL media (something like voting :slight_smile: ). What should I do, if I need to write SL and DL +R media one after another, and have booktype for both of them as DVD-ROM: every time flash my writer with different developed firmware or I have missed something in that thread :confused:

Let me quote this good answer:

TDB’s only make the firmwares region free, remove the riplock, etc. They don’t make and write strategy changes, Herrie does. The only firmwares that can change the booktype for both single and double layer media are the HP 520N firmware or Herries modified firmware based on this HP 520N firmware. Please check out the NEC forum in the Recording Hardware Section for more information.

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Using my 2510A I’ve only tried Herrie’s 107v2b5dl and TDB 2.06 (RPC1 & riplock). Personally I’ve had better luck with 2.06 (or the equivalent, 2.16). Perhaps this has to do with the newer write strategies?

However, I’ve used only -R/-RW format discs so far, so I haven’t had need of bitsetting or dual layer yet.

Thanks for opinion spurdy!
I guess the FW race is not over yet! :slight_smile:

I would like SL bitsetting, too. Although I have flashed to Herrie’s 2.16 - just to see if I could as I’m new to all this and on a steep learning curver - I have no need for DL support yet.

So I guess I’ll be flashing to an earlier FW that does SL bitsetting. If it does support DL, fine, but I’m not bothered.

Which FW would you recommend: 1.07b4 or 1.07b5dl?


Hi Nelly!
I use for SL 107v2b5dl, and I think most of Sl writers also.
Thanks for your posting here!
What media do you use?

I’ve had good luck with herrie’s v2.16. The one with the DL support and bitsetting.