Your file sharing habits?

Hey guys,
Little poll here! (and no im not under cover for the MPAA :p)

With all the report of ppl getting sued over file sharing and Bit torret sites closing down (SN R.I.P. :sad: ) ; will you be stoping your sharing/downloading of songs or software in fear of legal stuff?

Im not sure @ the moment… :confused:


I started using MSN Music around a year ago, and have just started using iTunes, alot better than KaZaA, where to get a album you can never get a few songs, and download speeds are great, sure there is DRM, but just burning and re-riping sorts that out. I stopped illegal downloads as soon as the first people got sued in America.

Ben :slight_smile:

Then again, you used KaZaA. :Z …which if I may be blunt, is a bit newbieish. :stuck_out_tongue: Not to mention it’s infested with crap.

I still download music. i use a program called emule which is ad free and faster than kazaa :bow: . prices nowadays :eek: really are to much to spend for one track every time

Yep. Great piece of software. And the best part is, it’s an open-source sourceforge project. :iagree:

since downloading stuff off p2p networks is legal in canada, i will NEVER stop doing it, i mainly use shareaza and it’s great, it works on multiple networks and it’s fast…

I mainly just download stuff like Adult Swim cartoons and some Anime. If it were commercially available in the UK I would just buy it. I’m not going to stop as it’s my only way of getting hold of this stuff.

Hm. I paid nearly US$200 for popfolder service a few months ago for maximum download and upload speeds from the communities based on “web-hard” services. So far, very rarely used it.

LG Telecom paid 10,000,000,000 Won (US$10 million) in advance to some music industry association something organization, namely an interest group for the entermainment industry, to make the MP3 service for the millions of LG Telecom subsribers possible. I’ve paid more than US$1,000 to use the LGT mobile service alone, excluding the phone prices and the money spent on SKT, KT, Hansol Telecom, etc. LGT will have to increase the hourly rate (actually charged per 10 second and “packet”) because of the US$10 million spent on something unexpected.

Though depending on individuals and markets, I think it’s more about industrial relationship than justice of the law. South Korean law system regarding intellectual property rights (and wrongs) is both very cruel and generous at the same time.

I’m just gonna start soon when I get my internet connection at home. :iagree:

Still don’t know which connection I have to pick:
Download 2560 Kbit/s Upload 512 Kbit/s for €43 /month
Download 5120 Kbit/s Upload 1024 Kbit/s for €69/month
Download 10 Mbit/s Upload 2048 Kbit/s for €85/month

I know… I started years ago, I hadnt heard of BT or IRC then.

Ben :slight_smile:

Well i member sitting on my Dad’s PC using Naspter (on 56k :confused: ) when it first came out! Wow thoese were the times. The word MPAA etc ment nothing!


Dont be so paranoid remember your not in the US, all that really happens here are people who mass and i mean mass produce pirate copies get caught every once in a while, i know a story of a bloke a few years ago who was caught with over 5,000 playstation copies in his house well he got a few years and a massive fine, the casual downloader isnt really at any risk tbh because the police only really act upon tip offs from usually angry customers who’s discs wont play etc so they grass the guy in that sort of thing, all they really care about here are the organised pirate copy groups, obviously if you go around telling everybody you download then dont be surprised if old bill knocks on your door

That was my worry, everybody knew I did, and lamers where at school where like “can you copy me x album”. So I stopped all warez all together, but I will never make a secret of the past.

Ben :slight_smile:

85 * 50 Euro per month for using 100Mbps upload? :eek:

4,250 Euro is well over 5,000,000 Won which is hmmm far more than what the well-paid people in Seoul earn in a month. I pay about 2 Euro for this 100Mbps download and 100Mps upload and I really have thought and publicly said this is too expensive for most people. Should be about 0.5 USD or 1 USD depending on the amount of usage (in terms of bandwidth, etc.)