Your favourite Pen Colour! (Color for U.S. & other nations that spell it wrong)



So … as an engineer, I get bothered when I don’t have at least 4 different pen colours.

My favourites so far are Red, Blue, Green & of course the humble Black.
Of course, this is backed up buy a spectrum of different highlighters for those difficult drawings & documents created by managers.
With a broad spectrum of colours, it’s like kindergarten all over again.

But seriously, what are your favourite colour pens?


Lol, I like using green pens the best but I usually use black at work. You should make a subsequent poll on what color (colour) of highlighters people like to use. I like green then yellow then pink.


i use green and blue and …of course …white out :wink:


Everything but brown rocks. Brown is teh shit. :smiley:


The opposite way around, at any rate.


Blue and black, as i don’t like my eyes to bleed when i’m reading it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Purple owns all!! :slight_smile:


Boring black, nothing quite like it.




Quite so Airhead I even use brown ink in my fountain pen although it is hard to find these days. :slight_smile: