Your favourite manual

Do you remember the time when you got really thick manuals with games? I looked through my Pacific Fighters 2 manual and remembered how good it was. It explains everything and even has some stories in it.
Which is your favourite manual that you could go to bed with?


Nah, I know what you mean.

Errrm… Probably the Age of Empires II: The Age Of Kings manual.

Ben :slight_smile:

Oh… and Windows 98 manual, thats how I learnt Windows 98 :eek:

(sorry, I double posted, and needed a way to fill the second one)

i dont read games manuals (waste of time).
i prefer learn it in the hard way.

Never used Manuals. They are always really badly written. I always use the Trial & Error method

The old MS-DOS v4 manual (taught me about batch files, which was the first programming-like thing I did) and GW-BASIC manual that came with my 386 were the most important manuals I ever read.

I don’t read game manuals. When I get a new game, I’m too impatient to read. I just jump right in, get-killed/lose/etc., and then learn from what went wrong. And then once I’m comfortable with the game, I read the manual to look up specific numbers, stats, etc., so that I could micromanage my gameplay.

It doesnt have to be a manual to a game of course…

One of my Dad’s OLD books: Understanding and using M$ 3.1" :bigsmile:


DOS 6.22 was probably the one I read the most. Kinda helpfull as well.

Game wise I used to read every page of all of my manuals before I even played the game. Now I just pop in the disk and only skim though while it is installing or if I get stuck.

The thickest one I ever have was for Sid Meiers: Railroad Tycoon I think. It was a book.

The Civilization 3 manual was more like a novel, its the biggest game manual I have seen.

The Grim Fandango manual. An Outstanding manual to an outstanding game.

All Command & Conquer releases. :iagree:

Best manuals:

Old skool : The manual of Loom ; You had to write down all the notes and music in it

New skool : The manual of Runaway, a Road Adventure ; Funny :slight_smile:

Worst manuals:

Old skool : Dune 1 reprinted. The game still has “copy protection” where you had to look up a certain sentence in the manual. The manual is PDF only though…

New skool : The manual of Alexander ; On page two there is a single sentence that mentions that “the game won’t start if you have cd software emulation running”. In addition the manual never mentiones anything about the installation of GameShadow

Mechwarrior 2.
And that’s final :stuck_out_tongue:

i love that game, very good
(good old time of lucasfim point’click game)

I still miss that :frowning:

I prefer all the badly translated manuals you get with stuff… makes me laugh!

I remember my parens buying a Samsung television. Oh what a disaster that manual was! And I remember the manual that came with some grenade apples (I know that sounds strange, but some fruits come with manuals, can’t help it!)… that was even worse than “all your base are belong to us”.

WarCraft 2
Diablo 1
always some storys included, nice pictures - only reading them made you wanna play the game… :slight_smile:

My Commodore 64 manual was great! Took me ages programming that Air Balloon to fly across the screen though. (too many syntax errors)

the last one i played was The Dig.
Very good game , a bit strange , but very nice :slight_smile:

After i got hand on the Scumm Emulator for my Xbox, i’ve been able to play all my LucasArts adventures on my TV and surround set. Works perfectly :slight_smile: