Your favourite Forceware Driver so far



Hi , i am currently using 53.03 drivers . I would like to know your views on which is the best driver(s) , either 50s or the latest 60s .


44.03 , because that’s the only one where my Broken Sword 3 will work on


Upgraded to 56.72 yesterday . scores improved as much by 200 in FreshDiagnose ( this is very old application ) . splinter cell pandora tomorrow demo didnt work out , maybe this driver might play with this . but the quake 3 arena and ut 2003 frames per seconds remained unchanged ( the same ) which means it depends on graphics card as well as memory bandwidth .

I found a thread somewhere else in some other forum later with the same title and so many guys parcipated in that thread . I was just wondering how many guys will do it and only one response here till now .


The latest. I always update my Forceware drivers (Detonator sounded better and should never of been changed imho) and on every update I have never had a problem :slight_smile:


I am unable to cross 100 FPS barrier in quake 3 arena with high settings whereas in reviews they are able to get more than that .

god damn this shitty card :frowning: . will probably go for a upgrade in another two years