Your fav dumb question posted in CDF

I have just come across one.
And it was like in old days when somebody wrote a letter to a sex-therapist asking a question: Is it possible to get pregnant, if you make love in a bed where somebody made love before you?

Although, the sex therapist question is funny, I was always taught that there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you do not know, then ask. What may be obvious to others, may not be so obvious to the one asking the question.

my 2 cents

To ask a question is absolutely natural and desirable.
With the example in my post I tried to indicate what I consider to be a dumb question and at the same time to avoid misintrepretation of the main idea.

" Help! "
" Help me!"
" Hi! I need some help!"
" I want an answer"
" Panic!"
" Whee!"
" Erhm , i don’t get it?"

WHAT do you need help WITH? WHAT’s the panic? WHAT don’t you get?
Think we can all read your mind?

“But if you open my post you can see the details!”

Back at ya
“Which would mean i need to click open every freaking post just in order to CHECK to see if i can help SOME of you”. How does THAT sound for demotivation?

So in the future
You follow guidelines or at least TRY to come up with a recognisable subject and/or question.

You’re mean!
You people made me mean. It’s all your fault.


Mr. Belvedere][b]Examples[/b]
" Help! "
" Help me!"
" Hi! I need some help!" 
" I want an answer" 
" Panic!"
" Whee!" 
" Erhm , i don't get it?"


I always get a kick out of posts like, "I just fried my Dad’s DVD drive. I’m in trouble, he’s going to kill me, someone please HELP…HURRY

Then their next post is… Anybody?
and the next…I’m waiting, man I’m dead
and the next… HURRY he’s going to be home in 5 minutes

@alex thyl I have just come across one. 

What was the dumb post you were refering to?

from scott adams, from memory (probably not exact)

if there are no stupid questions, what type of questions do stupid people ask? do they get smart enough just in time to ask a question, and then fall back to their previous level of intelligence?

It is more than a post, it is a burlesque.
I will send you a message to avoid unnecessary publicity. :wink:

When you read it, you will realize why I decided to make the thread. Stupid questions exist, though in their relativity.

That was pretty dumb. and funny as hell.

I gotcha now.


I mean really! WTF?

Then of course:

I downloaded Insert Game/Movie Here but when i burn it it doesnt work???Insert stupid smilies like :confused: or :a

I Copied Insert SecuROM 5.xx Game Here with Nero but when i play it it says the CD is not in there!!! but it is!!! HEEEELLLLPPP MEEEEEEEEEE!!!