Your experiences with Samsung SN-S082D


I own a MatSHITa DVD burner. It was built in my notebook and it is defective by design (you know what I mean :cop: )

Well, I would like to buy a new DVD burner to replace that shitty one that prevents me to watch some very nice movies from outside where I currently live. The Samsung SN-S082D has a good price. What is your experience with it? Or does anybody recommend a good DVD slim burner where the defectiveness can be beaten? :cool:


Just come out and say what you mean, to much trying to read between the lines here

Na, I want a DVD burner for my notebook where I can flash the firmware so I can view DVD movies from other regions (make it region free).

Get an external one or use ISOs or rips to make things easier.

I also would like to watch the movies when I am on a trip. So an external drive is no option. I have original DVDs with region code 1, I cannot rip them, since my drive prevents me from decrypting the content.

Is there anybody here who has a good drive which can be made region free?