YOUR experience with MCC004 from India wanted

Topic says it… What is YOUR experience with MCC004 16x DVD+R from India, manufactured by Moser Baer.

I’m currently testing them, and some writers does ok with them, but others fails badly. And all produce worse results than with MCC004 made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan.

One example is attached. The good scan is MCC004 made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan, the bad is MCC004 made by Moser baer India.

BenQ DW1640 for example usually write MCC004 India at 12x (sometimes 16x), but MCC004 Taiwan always at 16x.

Edited Ooops - wrong image attached :stuck_out_tongue:

And nope, it’s not due to the difference in firmware between the two scans, I just did not have any MCC004 Taiwan scans from KS0A around.

What’s the numbers on the disc’s.

Hmm haven’t seen made in India 16x DVD+R so far.
ALso if it’s that problematic then I suggest contacting verbatim.

The numbers doesn’t really matter - but it’s:

ZD2632-DVR-T47D for all types I’ve that is sold in 25CB and is not printable. (50CB/printable have other numbers).

Oh yeah, there is one around the center hole too, but I don’t think that matters. But if you still want it…

Black ink around the center hole on the MBI/India ones: 5112 527 +R E E 08514
Stamped into the plastic on the CMC/Taiwan ones: PAPA10JD06202916 6

Yep, verbatim already contacted - but getting no response from them as usual.

I think they doesn’t care as long as they sell…

OC-Freak, not sure if I should start a new thread or just join you here. Mine is MCC 003. Let me know.

Just tried burning DVD+R 8x for the first time (don’t laugh :-p). Ordered this Verbatim DataLifePlus 25-disc cakebox from Amazon UK 3 months ago, took 2 months to arrive, and just tried it the other night. Made in India, the media code is MCC 003, the reorder code is 43481 and the barcode is 2394243481 and the S/N is something like “5104 nnn +R x x nnnnn”. My burner is PX-712A FW 1.07. Burned with Nero All 4 discs were burned consecutively using the same data. I am very disappointed with the results of these MCC 003 discs. I wonder if anyone got any good burns at all with these Indian Verbatim discs. I don’t know if it is the burner or the discs but according to this post I don’t think I’m gonna trust any media from India. Even burning @4x gave me funny looking graph!

don’t think i’ve used any +R Indians, however have used oodles of -R Indians (i know that’s what you’re looking for ), but thought i’d mention it

svp communication, or anyone ordered from SVP recently could you confirm if {DV 3229} here is not from India? Thinking of trying 16x for the first time after the disappointment with 8x Indian Verbatim.

i did buy some 16x +R from svp recently, i think they were Taiwanese (will check in couple hours when i get home). i bought a few tubs of the 8x -R in the same order and they were the Indian Verbs. as i say i’ve had great results with tons of 8x -R whether it be from India, Singapore or Taiwan. (over time my purchases were thru svp and ebuyer). Unfortunately i’ve not yet used any 8x +R so can’t help you on that particular score.

I’ve not had any serious problems with MCC003 from India with good writers. But the PX-712A is not on my good writer list…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same discs worked perfect in BenQ, Pioneer, LG and NEC DVD-Writers…

@OC-Freak - just checked my 16x +R, had thrown away the external wrapping so don’t remember whether they’re India or Taiwan, but compared against the codes you listed -

ZD2632-DVR-T47D from a 25CB and is not printable.

Stamped into the plastic on inner hub: PAPA09JA25205516 1

Made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics.

i’m usually a staunch recommender of Verb datalifeplus and a staunch dissauder of CMC (over at afterdawn) where dvd’s are concerned, but i can no longer recommend Verbs as this whole MCC/CMC thing is enough to make me switch to TY, then i have to watch out for fake TY at every turn. Grrr! :sad:

The verbatim 16x dvd+r from s_v_p are india.Will not buy theses discs again.

@Madsharpei - are you saying yours had the characteristics posted by OC-Freak ? as mine show to be the Taiwanese ones :eek:

i thought it´s problem only in czech republic :(. here… only 10pcs spindle 16x DVD+R are “made in taiwan”, rest says “made in india”.

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004) made in India
no problems with LG4163B a103 :stuck_out_tongue:
I get better results with “made in india” than “made in taiwan”

If I wanted CMC I would have bough Memorex. For Verbatim to use their ususally reliable media codes on a CMC manufactered disc is downright theft. I don’t give a crap about the suppossed different AZO DYE. How are we to believe them. I will never buy another Verbatim disc again. Taiyo Yuden is the only reliable disc left and even then you have to be careful. I do not usually “Pimp” sites but is all that is left for reliability.

my sentiments exactly.

How is MKM using CMC as a manufacturing plant for its discs “theft”? Obviously their Singapore plant doesn’t have the capacity to keep up with demand. As a result, they use Prodisc and CMC in Taiwan, and Moser Baer in India to make MCC discs. They supply these companies with their own Azo dye and possibly stampers as well. As for Rima, if you buy any Verbatim from there it WILL be made in Taiwan, by Prodisc or CMC, the same as buying Verbatim from anywhere else. I’m not sure what there is not to “believe”…

Totally agree. I find this all paranoia funny. For all I know, Prodiscs and Optodiscs give me best burns I see, better than TY or MCC (LDW-832S). So people should just stop being paranoid about disc manufacturers, cause there IS more than one good quality manufacturer there.